Daveological Dreams Visionary Notebook

Thankful! for the abundance that flows freely to me so I may safely accomplish happiness for my family with a home on the water, and a career as a Philanthropist

Thankful! for the opportunity to meditate, chill, and veg-out to a
Universal Gift of Nature…. 

Philanthropic Ambitions

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital     AARP Foundation

American Red Cross

Life After Hate    Jackson Galaxy Foundation

St. Luke’s Medical Center    

 My Visionary Understanding

The correct application for a Visionary Notebook is as a reminder.

The Law of Attraction requires that each day I give myself reminders, and a Visionary Notebook is one way to do that.

The Law of Attraction is not a wishing well for the future.  It is the getting prepared for the now.

Now is the future so, I put myself where I want to be, now!  It is my opportunity to align my intention point, daily.  Brain, and heart as one.

It is also an opportunity to visually put my declarations out to the universe.

Some people have misunderstood this visionary procedure as an open highway to a mere visualization to manifestation.  It is not. 

This has become more aptly my opportunity page.  It is my constant reminder to be here in the present, to recognize the opportunities presented by, the universe for me to act upon to manifest my desires.

My Declarations

I  declare myself a money magnet, allowing the continuous free flow of $1,000,000 or more to me, my family, and the opportunity to share with others by, Fall 2017.

I declare myself a healthy human being of able mind to fully function as a Philanthropist.

Receiving wealth, and giving some back is a single transaction.

I declare my freedom to obtain a paid for in advance California beach front home with more than enough funding for taxes, insurance, and maintenance by, Fall 2017.


I declare that I will live to see a Chicago Cubs World Series victory, and while I’m at it able to see that spectacle, twice or more!