It’s A Christmas Who

Merry Christmas!!  Happy Hanukah!  (There’s a red underline…I always get it wrong!  Maybe 2 n’s or perhaps 2 k’s.  I need to do this right!) Hanukkah!  Did some homework! 

The 1st glimpse of a new Who episode since last season ended, and Clara gone.  Wonder if Bill makes her grand entrance, tonight?

The Doctor, who has been absent returns after quite a long hiatus!  

The Doctor Who Christmas Special premieres tonight on BBC-America for those of us dwelling across the water from home base.

Looking forward, and Who will be in some theaters before too long?!  A full length movie?

All well, and good but, can we get some official start time for the new season of Doctor Who?  Maybe, just maybe we’ll get that info. tonight during the breaks?????

 Happy Holidays!  And to all a Happy New Who!


Is There Enough Sanity To Go Around?

Is it possible there are degrees of sanity?  Where is the line drawn?  

My television viewing habits by my own standard have me questioning all of it.

I have watched several episodes of the new BBC-America show,   
Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency.     

This show is hilarious, and comes from a a 1987 book by, Douglas Adams. 

The writers, and everyone else connected with this show must have a degree of insanity.  They have actors, and actresses to pull characters off from the depths of craziness.  The crew must have crossed the lines as well.

What does that say about me, the viewer?  It’s scary because by liking this show, it scares me to think I could be from the same stock.

Then I began thinking maybe these people see it differently.  What if they are all perfectly sane?  What if they truly believe that about themselves?

What if, they’re right?  What if, this show represents sanity in the best fashion?  What if, I am the one who has lost it with this show being the best representation of the definition of the ‘new’ sanity?

I Knew Who

I had my suspicions as to just who was who on Who.  Better defined, I had a feeling who did what to Who.

I can verify my previous suspicions via my earlier comments this past week,  published on another blog discussing this very subject.

The doctor Who season Grand Finale was nothing less than grand.

From the moment the opening credits began, I was mesmerized.

Last week, our Whovian minds filled with an episode where Jenna Coleman’s name was conspicuously absent from the credits.  After all it was the episode after they dealt with Clara’s departure.  Now we could rest with certainty.

Knocking out the certainty, The Grand Finale credit display once again featured, Jenna Coleman.  Whoa!

Sure enough, Clara was featured several times.

During this time period, and through some of the finale we are led to believe Ashildr was directly responsible for Clara’s death deed.

In the latest installment, The Doctor finds Clara ‘alive’ but, ‘without a pulse, in between heartbeats.’  The Doctor is prepared to break ‘the rules.’

Moving back in time, he prevents the Raven from completing Ashildr’s (Me’s) death warrant on Clara.  Advised of all the possible consequences on time itself, the Doctor cannot be reasoned with to prevent the obliteration of time.  He is only concerned with Clara.

Clara does not accept the breaking of the rules trying to reason with the Doctor that she wants her memories, her life, and death as they were meant to be.  She reasons they belong to her, and not The Doctor.

The Doctor is convinced that he can simply wipe her memory of him, and she will continue as will time.  Otherwise, he could wipe his memory of her which eventually occurs, and becomes the crux of the story.

We have been hyper-focused on Ashildr as a villainous ‘witch’ responsible for Clara’s death.  Another character given life by a talented Maise Williams.

There has been one popular character absent from the last few episodes, and this absence has facilitated my suspicions.  It is this character who has been pulling the puppet strings.  This character has been the Conductor of the Orchestra.

Welcome back, Michelle Gomez as Missy……

Michelle Gomez is a brilliant actress who, can make the your worst nightmare seem like your best dream in her characterization of Missy.

She plays the part of the ‘Master’ so well, we continue to root for her.  We ache to be on her team if only she would be a true friend to the Doctor.

It seems Missy is envious of any close relationship the Doctor forges with anybody else, and will stop at nothing to prevent any close relationships with the Doctor as she has done with Clara. 

Does Missy merely long for the early relationship she once enjoyed   with the Doctor on Gallifrey?  Is it that Missy wants to be known as ‘The Doctor’s closest friend?’

Missy has been seemingly nice to the Doctor at times but, only until we get out of the dark tunnel in to the sunlight.  Then we get the true picture.

As for this season of Doctor Who, I would say overall, it made me more of an enthusiastic Whovian looking forward to next season.

A Heavenly Doctor Who

This Doctor Who season is winding down with the finale next week.  This week’s story was, ‘Heaven Sent’ with the finale being ‘Hell Bent.’

Why ‘Heaven Sent?’  It appears The Doctor was sent to a personal ‘hell.’  He was apparently  sent there by, Ashildr who is believed to be evil, and responsible in his eyes for Clara’s demise. 

To look at Ashildr (Me) she may appear to be at first sight, anything but evil.

The story has Me forcing the Doctor’s transport to this castle we see as the Doctor’s interrogation room.

I cannot say enough about Peter Capaldi.  He is an excellent actor, continuing to add dimension not seen until now to the Doctor’s character.

This was a classy production for me.  Capaldi’s acting, the camera work, editing for the final cut, and the supporting music.  It all added up to an episode I’ve watched three times, and will watch again. 

This episode leaves me with many questions.  Hopefully some are answered in the finale but, I expect some more will linger through to next season.

On a scale of 0-100, this one gets a 101!

Clara Dies

Clara Oswald is dead.

No!  No! No!  I will miss Clara’s character.

We are getting close to the end of this season, and Clara is gone.

Many other bloggers have eloquently given their descriptions of ‘Face The Raven.’  Some have gone scene to scene with vivid descriptions complete with Spoilers.

It seems as though Clara has died.  At least we are led to believe it but, Doctor Who is not the series to believe the believable.  After all, we were led to believe Jenna Coleman’s character would last appear in the Dr. Who Christmas Special.

Perhaps the Doctor will travel to a different point in time to make contact in-person but, never the two can meet for one reason or, another.  I.E.  Rose.

I digress.  Why will I miss Clara?  She has been smart.  She gave the Doctor opportunities to re-examine his own psyche.

There are times the Doctor’s character is reckless without thinking of all of the possible consequences.  During these times, it was Clara who pushed him to think.  She pushed the envelope with him because she cared about him so much.

 Some have said Clara had come off as bossy.  I have not found that on my list of truths.  This is not to say that Clara couldn’t have back stepped several times as the Doctor evolved with more thought to circumstance.

I liken it to a plug in to electricity.  The Doctor is that plug but, Clara is the third prong.  The grounding influence, and stops at nothing to maintain that ground for his sake.

Jenna Coleman, and Peter Capaldi have worked well together but, I look forward to meeting the Doctor’s new companion who has not yet been seen on Doctor Who to this point.  Supposedly someone brand new.

Clara’s character has been very well portrayed by, Jenna Coleman who has elected to move on for new entries on to her resume.


Can’t We Let Zygons Be Zygons?

Another 2 part Doctor Who concluded last Saturday night.

This was the best Who so far, this season.  At least for me it was the best of season.

What an incredible script!  This story line took on the question as to whether the human race should be trusted as the custodians of negotiating a peaceful planet. 

The script showed that we have the capabilities necessary to oversee a just, peaceful planet but, asks us to examine if we’re willing.

The script gives us a probable, ‘no’ as the Doctor answers an inquiry regarding a lack of understanding as to just how to accomplish a negotiated peace.  To paraphrase an exasperated Doctor, ‘What’s wrong with you people?; You just talk!’

While Peter Capaldi has been solid as the Doctor, this script was one that  showcased the epitome of his supreme acting skills.

Cable TV Puts FCC In Hip Pocket…..You Lose

With a myriad of content providers, the Cable TV industry is about to put themselves in the driver’s seat one more time.

They give up the TV side, and the competition with these content providers, and technologies but, they all still have one thing in common.  The internet.

Cable gives you the access, and you stream as you please.  Cable (usually a monopoly) is the most efficient possibility for streaming.

As I understand it, the Federal Communications Commission wants to step in, and regulate the internet.  They call it ‘Net Neutrality’  legislation.

The following is conjecture on my part based on what I’ve heard, and read, so far.  It is an end result that I see emanating from this regulation, if enacted.

Bottom line:  It will be easier for Cable providers to establish internet tiers.  You will pay for different tiers of the internet.  Guess where streaming TV & Movie content will be priced?  Like HBO direct from your Cable provider if, you’re lucky.  It will be blocked unless, you pay for premium internet.

Yes, there will now be parts of the internet you will be unable to reach without the appropriate subscription.

So sure, it is true that Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and ROKU have been in a healthy, fair competition with Cable TV.  They were, and are a natural evolution of new technology.

It sounds like the Federal Communications Commission is going to ‘neutralize’ the Cable TV income deficit being pushed to the wall by the normal evolution of technology.

In other words, they will not fall to new technology.  Instead they’ll recover fees lost on the television side with new fees for internet access.  Brilliant!

If this ridiculous regulation goes through, Netflix, Hulu, ROKU, Google and Amazon may lose a large part of their customer base.

Why bother?  The price for them will become exorbitant as they may be placed on the highest premium tier of the internet.  The toll to reach them will be a fortune to some.

So, the Cable industry is fighting back, and your U.S. A. government is hard at work trying to figure out how they’re going to sell this atrocity to you.

I can only imagine.  The lowest priced tier will be extremely inexpensive but, not even web based email may be on that tier.

What’s going to happen when someone, somewhere invents an efficient, reasonably priced device for home use that is able to receive the internet without a provider?  Then what?

Technology will flourish, and Cable will fade to nothing.

Those living in the past, and didn’t plan for the future will do their best to suppress the natural evolution of things to come.  It’s scary for them, and their entire focus is on their imminent demise.  They know it’s coming.

Cable could evolve by, simply switching their focus to their survival.  Embrace the coming technology because, it is here.  Cable’s focus should be on how they will join this next level of technology.

Cable is breathing heavily, waiting to die.

CNBC offers a commentary on the possible legalities, and politics that apply.