The Witch Hunt Is Over

Let me be the first to inform the misinformed Godfather of the Trump Family that the witch hunt is over.  Oh, wait….there never was a witch hunt.  

To the naive, to the uninformed there may be an on-going witch hunt.  

To the rest of us, and there are many of us who hold our Constitutional Democracy in the highest esteem.  We are more interested in country over political partisanship.

 There have been irregularities to say the least, attacking the American Constitution from outside sources.  Most probably, Russia.

Those allegations even being a possibility, I would expect my elected officials would want to get to the bottom of that possibility to insure that there is no way for it to happen, again if indeed, that is what happened.

I would never expect the President of the United States to be impeding any investigation of those possibilities.

I would have never thought the leading member of the United States Senate would stand in the way based on his perceived view of his political party taking precedence over the United States Democracy.   

When the President resists investigating any possibility of an attack on our country, it is once again to say the least, troubling, and questions do arise.

When the President resists, there are questions.  Why is the President resisting an investigation?  What is he hiding?

Specifically, for Mr. Trump this is not a witch hunt, it is a continuing investigation wherever the facts may lead.  

As the President says, it’s “very sad.”  

Due to Trump’s naiveté, lack of comprehension, and misinformation, all real facts seem to be leading directly toward Donald Trump.

Donald Trump is all about, the victimization of Donald Trump with no second thoughts to what is best for the United States.  No thought whatsoever to the status of the United States within the International Community.  

The United States Presidency is just another job poorly executed to add to the list of jobs not so well done in a lifetime under the Trump namesake.  

It appears as the current investigation concludes, there will be an appropriate dismissal.

I am sure at that time, the printed press will many times over be right on it, with that headline bringing so much delight to this President’s life; “You’re Fired!” 

Punch ‘Em Out; Get ‘Em Outta Here

The Turkish autocracy has no respect for peaceful protests.  They have also not been reprimanded though, John McCain wants to throw the Ambassador out of the country.

Turkish President Recep Tayipp Erdogan  was at the Turkish Embassy in Washington, D.C. last week amidst a peaceful protest.  Erdogan sent some thugs out to physically accost the protesters, and turned a peaceful protest in to something it didn’t have to become.

And constitutionally, it’s not allowed to happen, in the United States.

Erdogan ‘stole’ an election in Turkey, turning it in to an autocracy at a rapid pace, and now on a fast track to become Turkey’s dictator.  It is where a lot of autocracies seem to end up.

The press in Turkey is getting the screws turned.  They better be careful on how this incident is brought forward as jail could be imminent with any opposition to the leadership.  Kind of like what Trump would like to do with the opposing media in contrast to Constitutional protections in the United States.

It could be that Trump considers that ‘piece of paper’ merely a piece of paper that can be cut up with a pair of scissors.  He hasn’t an inkling as to what is contained in the Constitution as he feels free to run rampant with his own rules even in contrast to the document that governs our country.

The way this Turkish scuffle was handled was counter to our rights as outlined in our Constitution.  The right to assembly, and the right to peacefully protest.

Kind of like several Trump campaign rallies.  In one of these pep-rallies, Trump asked the crowd where these people come from???

Where do these people come from?  Do I really have to answer that?

While there are two major political parties, there are several others, and Independents like me as well.

Trump was running to become President of all of us, and should have been cognizant of what is capable of happening at a politically charged pep rally.  It was up to him to take the high road but, without any surprise for me, he didn’t.

His handling of the opposing Americans at his pep-rallies was anything but, American.  He could have acknowledged them without the strong arm tactics so many ruthless autocrats, and dictators handle protests.

The protesters should have shown a little class as well by, maintaining a peaceful protest outside of the Trump pep-rallies.  It was not a reason for Trump to dip down in class as well.  He was running to become leader of the free world.  Trump’s example then, as well as now seems to be the attitude of someone taking ownership of yet, another property.  Not a leader of freedom.

Trump appears serious all the time to a fault.  He appears old, and grumpy without any happiness or joy in his life.  Seems as though it is an effort to keep up the persona of a tough guy with the usual seemingly purposeful frown.

Washington, he is learning, is not as simple as deal making.  At least not the kind of deal making he’s done in the past.

Trump has since said, “This is not as easy as it seems.”  No.  It isn’t easy.  He owes lots of apologies that will never be given. Tough guys don’t say they’re sorry.  Probably a sign of weakness.

It’s not a sign of weakness.  It’s a sign of a kid who’s never grown up.  Just a little kid who can’t get along with most of the adults in the room or, their kids.  A spoiled, coddled child.

Unfortunately, as Trump well knows, it takes a full grown man (or woman) who can diplomatically face his opponents.  

Any Erdogan like bumble brain can use a little paid for muscle.  Imagine, you can be a total idiot to hire muscle to quell an opponent’s voice.  The problem with that simplistic solution is; You may get a few for now but, they keep coming back in bigger numbers.

That’s why it takes merely an idiot to pay for muscle.

Trumpeters Orchestrating Cover-up?

We don’t know that for sure.  Not yet, anyway.  From appearances we might arrive at that conclusion.  These are appearances only.

The media has their stories, and their ‘spins’ on those stories.  The ‘spins’ are not ‘fake news.’  They are, as they’ve always been, the free American press expressing a wide variety of views.  We enjoy the freedom of press by Constitutional Law.

None of it is ‘fake news’ only opinion of the real news.  This is why I write with my own ‘spin’ based on the ‘spin’ I have received.

One of Donald Trump’s newest assertions being, “Maybe some of the media should be jailed.”  That might be how they do it in Russia.  Who knows where some of the press in the room last week might be right now.  Only the Russian press was allowed into the room.    

Trump took the opportunity of a Commencement speech to the Coast Guard to lament that “there has never been a politician in history who has been picked on  by the media” to the degree he has been abused.  This is all part of it.  

He may feel abused by the press but, I don’t think he is abused by the media. There’s just a lot of news being generated out of the Oval Office, and it will be reported by the American free press. 

There are several internal investigations that are now tainted with partisanship.

Most of us want the truth, and believe neither the Democrats or, Republicans can arrive at the truth if left to their own resources because they seem to be comprised of too many party loyalists.

More Americans distrust the government to handle any controversial investigation on their own.

I still trust the FBI is working diligently, and independently.

Personally, I want only the truth.  I don’t trust ‘bi-partisan’ internal committees to arrive at the truth.  Who’s hiding what?

We have a call to duty.  Putting America first.   A call to protect Constitutional Law.  How do we do that?  We need a politically untainted Independent investigation to arrive at the facts, and proceed appropriately.

There are House Members already calling for impeachment of President Trump, and we don’t even have all the facts, yet.

Hang tight because, the impeachment call at this point is as offensive as the resistance to an independent investigation. 

I’m not a Trump fan, and I remain without a political party affiliation. 

Trump campaigned on, “America First.”  Much to the chagrin of Republicans, it seems to be, “Donald Trump First.”

Addendum:  After writing this entry, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein has redeemed his reputation by appointing Special Counsel to continue the investigation citing public interest would best be served by an independent investigation.


Who’s Really In Charge?

Who is pulling the strings?  Tho are the puppets, and the puppeteers?

You might think Trump is his own man.  Go ahead and think so, if you’d like to think that is the absolute.  The truth on that matter has ‘nyet’ to be revealed.  

Personally, I think the President’s strings are being pulled by, the representatives opting in for the photo-op last week where the U. S. press was uninvited in favor of the Russian press.

The President was confident  that by allowing only the Russian press to attend, he could avoid his fear of “fake” news by the “enemy” Americans. 

This “fake” President is right in line with the strategic behavior outlined in a previous Russian Intelligence document using “fake news” as a premise to engage, maintain, and expand a core support base.  

Trump did not originate “fake news,”  He is merely operating on information provided by, Russian Intelligence.

“Fake news” is nothing more than covering up any information except information deemed “true,” and “favorable.”

Who else is pulling strings?  Who else believes in partisanship above Constitutional Law?  Who else?  

There could easily be some Democrats guilty of this “crime” against the very principles of the lawful foundation of the United States but, right now it just so happens we have a President with a questionable character, questionable business dealings who happens to be a Republican.  In that case, it becomes necessary to name the team players, the team puppeteers controlling the puppets.

Congratulations to Senator Mitch McConnell for pulling the strings in the Senate who is leading the battle cry, “We’re just here to insure (Democrats) they don’t succeed.”

It is, us vs. them.  Democrats vs. Republicans.  Really?  Honestly?  I thought we were suppose to discover how we could all succeed together! 

The American public no longer trusts the long trusted institutions of government because of the puppeteers running today’s puppets.

It is time for a Special/Independent Prosecutor to clear up every question about this President, and his election team.  We need to be clear of this situation to move forward with infrastructure, taxes, and health care.

However, it might be politically unfavorable to employ an Independent investigation because our ‘team’ has to win above all else.

‘Our team?’  ‘Our team,’ above all should be our Constitutional Democracy.  Unfortunately that is not even being given a thought while righteousness is more in line with Mitch McConnell, and other Republicans without a backbone championing their own cause of an internal investigation over a Special Prosecutor.

There are several polls showing the public overwhelmingly desires a Special Prosecutor.




Cowards of Congress To Return Soon

The Presidency is tainted, and so are the Halls of Congress.  The Halls of Congress tainted by, the people coming to work as stuck like glue to either major party no matter what they might do to dismantle our Constitutional Democracy.

The general public walks a sidewalk with President Trump to the tune of 38% absolutely dedicated to Trump, and consider the Russian investigation as simply a distraction.  

The Trump base believes the sun rises, and sets not with him but, because of him, and who can find fault with a sunrise or, sunset?

Their regard for the man goes beyond any reason.  Present any of them with fact, and they will look for guidance from Trump on how they must think of it.

I can tell them they are correct.  You can’t argue with the natural order of a sunrise, and sunset. 

Congressional Representatives are all suppose to be representing our Constitutional Democracy, and they are more loyal to a political party.  They are more loyal to a President attempting a conversion to an autocracy.  They are afraid of Trump.

The President of our democracy continues to act as the owner giving him the title President, and Chief Executive Officer.  In the corporate world, he makes the final decision.  Much like a leader of a dictatorship in government. 

This is by design, everything, and anything but, a dictatorship.  It is a Constitutional Democracy.  It is something that President Trump wants nothing to do with, and would rather go back to NYC, and hide out.

Is it possible the Cowards of Congress are ready to accept the unfurling autocracy?

Many of his die-hard supporters  are expected to die easy under an autocracy which historically, often becomes a dictatorship.

At that point, the sun may reach artificial points everyday because the EPA, representing what science meant to Trump no longer exists.

Comey Gets Too Close For Comfort

Did former FBI leader James Comey get a little too close with Russia-Gate?

President Nixon fired officials.  They were involved in an investigation of the President of the United States.  Nixon, however never fired the Director of the FBI.

Nixon finally resigned before he could be impeached from office due to Watergate.

There is still a group of people forming a Donald Trump core base.  They love Donald Trump.  Nothing he does impedes their dedication.  They support him with love, and Trump will go out on the campaign trail to prove it.  Places like Harrisburg, PA.

The Trump team wants to know when this “Russia Thing” all goes away.  It doesn’t.  

They claim, “old news.”  Keep repeating, “fake news” and/or “old news.”  It is a tool that can be used to permeate Trump’s core base with confidence because, they do believe, and repeat after me.  Old news, Fake News……

It’s old, continuing, and not going away until a conclusion is reached to insure, and protect the United States Constitutional Democracy.

The Trump action of firing the FBI Director who was running an open investigation on the Russian interference in the U.S. elections, and the possible relationship with the President, and his team.

It appears that the timing of this firing, and the reasons given is a farce.  It clouds the air with suspicion.

If there’s nothing to hide, why not cooperate, and finally put it behind all of us?

The official reasons given for the firing of Comey is his handling of the Clinton investigation during the election which Trump praised, and applauded more than once during the campaign.

Remember the core Trump base will not believe any evidence that would incriminate the Trump Organization.  There can be no wrong doing as he sold himself well.

There is the secondary base of Republicans who will remain loyal by falling in line.  They proclaim allegiance to our Constitutional Democracy but, working hard to support the Trump Family autocracy.

Today, the Trump family is doing very well since the election.  Patents, visas, and business contracts ring out on the register.  

You, and I pay for those overseas business trips.





Pep Rally In The Rose Garden

“How do you think I’m doin?  I got no experience in politics, and I’m President!”  This is what the President was asking the gathering of legislative constituents consisting of old, quite affluent white men.  

Why have a pep rally?  The House just voted thumbs up on the President’s endorsed health care bill.

They won!!!!  They got a legislative win in Congress.  It doesn’t become law.  It goes to the Senate.  Then it goes to Conference, and reconciliation.  Once the Senate votes to pass the bill in its’ newest form, it goes back to the House for a vote.   All of that approved, and the bill becomes law.

They got a runner on first.  In doing so…..a pep rally.

What was the pep rally all about then?  Trump, in his own mind hit a homerun.

That was not reality of course because, what he got was a walk to first.  That’s it.  Nobody on, and a lonely walk to first.  He was the only base runner, and the first inning is now over.

What healthcare bill?  The added notes of stupidity continue as Congressmen were asked if they read the bill.  After all, they voted for the bill.  Some rushed past reporters leaving their shoes behind.  The most ridiculous of responses after voting on a bill affecting millions of Americans were: “I just got back from baseball practice” to “That’s what I have staff for.”

Neither of those remarks were called for, no matter where you live politically.  It tells you how important it is for them to represent you.  They were mocking scrutiny.  They were daring us to respond.

With all of this, the Democrats showed no respect for the House, itself as their “Na Na, Hey Hey, Goodbye” was uncalled for at the end of the vote.  The general population will make their likes, and dislikes known at the appropriate time.