Why Trump Continues To Fail

Why is it, the President of the United States continues to fail?

Donald Trump knows nothing about, the art of the deal.

In a true Trump dictatorship, I would be beheaded for such a characterization of the Lord.  I would have taken the Lord’s name in vain.  Lord Trump.  A false Lord but, by the time it is recognized as true by the majority of the populace, it’s too late.

Give me your tired, poor, and huddled masses has no meaning to these backward Christians.  They call it Christianity but, that’s a misnomer as the only belief allowed on this land is, Lord Trump’s gospel of greed.

A man who received a major stipend from his fortunate father.  Without that stipend there would be no Lord Trump.  The stipend was so large, Donald Trump had no choice but, to remain a rich man.  

It was not really known whether Trump blew the stipend, amassed a great deal of debt, and was possibly living a facade on borrowed money.  Perhaps, at least in this case, there is no ‘art of the deal.’

He had much of what money could buy but, had an ego that demanded much more…

Trump made it to President of the United States.  He couldn’t stop nor, did he consider he could fail.  Before his term as President ended he canceled the election as his ego could not accept even the possibility of a loss.

Instead; He became Lord Trump but, many refused to have a false Lord before them.  It was clear, the Lordship of Trump had no control over the Universe built, and created by something greater than Trump himself.

The true Lord of the Universe prevailed, and Donald Trump found himself at a loss, subservient to something greater, better, and mightier than Donald Trump who folded like a bad poker hand.

The Universe would always have the upper hand.

Pep Rally In The Rose Garden

“How do you think I’m doin?  I got no experience in politics, and I’m President!”  This is what the President was asking the gathering of legislative constituents consisting of old, quite affluent white men.  

Why have a pep rally?  The House just voted thumbs up on the President’s endorsed health care bill.

They won!!!!  They got a legislative win in Congress.  It doesn’t become law.  It goes to the Senate.  Then it goes to Conference, and reconciliation.  Once the Senate votes to pass the bill in its’ newest form, it goes back to the House for a vote.   All of that approved, and the bill becomes law.

They got a runner on first.  In doing so…..a pep rally.

What was the pep rally all about then?  Trump, in his own mind hit a homerun.

That was not reality of course because, what he got was a walk to first.  That’s it.  Nobody on, and a lonely walk to first.  He was the only base runner, and the first inning is now over.

What healthcare bill?  The added notes of stupidity continue as Congressmen were asked if they read the bill.  After all, they voted for the bill.  Some rushed past reporters leaving their shoes behind.  The most ridiculous of responses after voting on a bill affecting millions of Americans were: “I just got back from baseball practice” to “That’s what I have staff for.”

Neither of those remarks were called for, no matter where you live politically.  It tells you how important it is for them to represent you.  They were mocking scrutiny.  They were daring us to respond.

With all of this, the Democrats showed no respect for the House, itself as their “Na Na, Hey Hey, Goodbye” was uncalled for at the end of the vote.  The general population will make their likes, and dislikes known at the appropriate time.

FCC To Consider What Congress Can’t

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Sound familiar?  I hope so because if it doesn’t strike up some familiarity I would suggest at least studying the document that governs us all as Americans.

A directive from the Trump administration skips any legislative body, and goes directly to the agency governing media.

The directive will ask the Federal Communications Commission to look in to the crudity of Stephen Colbert’s remarks on his television show directed at President Trump.  Colbert has since said, “He might choose other terms if repeating the joke but, has no reservations of a joke that ends up in the same place.”

This is what an autocracy does.  Reach out beyond that which we know as law, such as the Constitution.  That’s where it begins.

So, be careful of your independent thoughts expressed if they do not wholly express allegiance to the ‘family’ heading up the autocracy.

All of us will conform.  Freedom, officially erradicated.

Trump supports Trump, and it goes no further.  The rest is camouflage. 

It is amazing that, right here, in the United States, we allow a proponent of an Autocracy to thrive personally on a daily basis with legislation benefiting Donald Trump.

We continue to allow a television reality show host to host our country at its’ highest level.

Have the foolish had enough of being fooled?

Historically, an autocracy has has started under the mask of a free society just as it is now.

Some of the tricks historically employed in the process include an irresistible popular personality.  This personality begins by proclaiming ultimate allegiance to freedoms guaranteed up to that time.

However, the first order of business from Vladimir Putin, and his country’s intelligence community is to drop “fake news” via social media.”  No, Donald Trump didn’t coin the popular phrase, “fake News.”  Trump took it directly from one document he might have read.

Homework continues for Trump from study guides outlining a path to autocracy.

The transition from a Constitutional Democracy is a well intentioned campaign to corral the public in to a circle of distrust.  

The first area of distrust is campaigning the public’s distrust for news media.  In doing so, only the ruler of an autocracy can tell you what news to rely on.

This is happening right now as you read this because when, Donald Trump says something is “fake news” it is repeated as “fake news” without further investigation by his followers.  

You will be told which news network may be watched in any federal government office, and that is currently FOX.  How soon do you think it is when the Constitution is no longer being adhered to, that the remainder of the population is allowed one news source at the discretion of the one person heading an autocracy.

What else is on the agenda?  Allow for church, and state to eventually be….one.

The first step toward that eventuality is to allow religious groups to gain equality in the affairs of state by allowing them the ability to campaign as an organization.

They may then recruit candidates on religious doctrine alone, allowing for more candidates subscribing to one doctrine or another to represent the entire population on religious doctrine alone. 

Now you understand.  The public didn’t even realize how many times they were being corralled until the corral became one small corral, and the country had become a dictatorship.

Imagine all the fake news but then, it won’t matter because that will be the news.

Your opinion?  Well, that better be your opinion or, be arrested for treason to the man or, woman running the dictatorship.

At the direction of the Trump team, the FCC will now review Stephen Colbert’s performance, and not because of crude remarks.  False.  

Trump has figured it out with his limited knowledge of Civics.  Can’t go to Congress so,  just have an agency of the United States do the dirty work to abridge free speech.

It is because Donald Trump’s feelings were hurt.  They will tell you it has everything to do with the chosen language that Colbert has since admitted may have been ill chosen but, really Colbert get under the thin skin of this ‘President.’


Trump: Australian Health Care Better Than USA

Many developed countries have better health care than the United States.

Donald Trump has said to his “good friend.”   “Australia has better health care than we do.”  He didn’t have a name for this “friend,” only “a friend” because Donny would have to do research to find out his “friend’s” name.

Malcolm Turnbull is the Prime Minister of Australia.  This is the personal friend Trump was describing.

If what Trump said is true, many sources will inform you that the latest polls have us outside of the top 10 developed countries for effective health care.   So, Trump’s remarks could easily be true.  

Trump’s House victory was represented by, a health bill that comes closer to mimicking the Affordable Care Act only with much tighter restrictions, taking funding from Medicaid, and accompanied by a tax cut for the very richest in American society.  I.E.  Trump, his Daughter, and Son-In-Law.

The most effective health care provided in developed countries is via a form of the single-payer system.

Trump is looking for accolades for House bill that, won’t escape the Senate in its’ current form.

If I Win The Lottery

No. Not if I win, it’s when I win the lottery.  Don’t laugh.  Why not?  Somebody has to win, sometime.

Most Republicans would caution me about a number of tax obligations, and other legalities after coming in to a lottery jackpot.  First visit is to an attorney.

No, I don’t think so.  Not everything in life requires a calculator, and a ledger sheet.

Being part of humanity, my first inclination would be, who can I share this with?

After friends, and family I’ve got a couple of favorite charities.  And I would probably start a charitable trust for people who cannot afford health insurance.

It will not even make a dent in the problem the Republicans are going to create with their new health insurance bill.  This bill has been read by, only a few voting members of Congress as the final version was only available to them as of 8pm – ET last night.

As it is at this moment, there is a provision in the bill exempting members of Congress from the pre-existing conditions provision.  Why would they do that if, this is a great health care bill for everybody else?

Most states will look at their ledgers, and opt out of pre-existing conditions pools.  

They need a legislative win so, putting politics above all, including millions excluded from insurance for one reason or, another they are expected to pass the bill without being scored by the Congressional Budget Office.

Why wouldn’t they want the CBO score?  They would rather not know, and certainly don’t want the public knowing that score.  

Do you realize once diagnosed with an illness or a long term or, lifetime condition, the insurance company can refer to this as a pre-existing condition when it’s time to re-up at the end of the policy term.

Coal miners who have lung problems will have a pre-existing condition.

Don’t be the least concerned until you develop a pre-existing condition.

The new health care bill will knock millions off their policies, and if they want health insurance, it will be impossible because their home state opted out or, the premium will be higher than rent or, a mortgage payment. 

But, most important, President Trump will have a win at the expense of millions of Americans.

At the end of the day, I hope I’m wrong about the health care bill.  I’d really like to see this as a success.

As for winning the lottery, my first thought is to share with friends, family, and favorite charities.  Don’t worry, I’ll still have plenty.

Correspondents Dinner; Harrisburg

What if they gave a White House Correspondents Dinner, and nobody shows?

Nobody showed from the White House.  Lots of humor there, making fun of the President.

It has been a long time since a President has skipped on the dinner.  They’ve all enjoyed the humor all brought about on their behalf.  And America enjoyed while appreciating each of those Presidents being in attendance taking it all in, and shaking it off.

When was the last time a President missed this event?  Ronald Reagan.  Not because he took on the press as an enemy.  He had just been through an assassination attempt but, phoned in.  Even though he was recovering, Reagan still wanted to make an appearance so, he phoned in his appearance.

Our already elected President would be roasted at this dinner, and he could not take anything less than adoration.  Even in fun, and from a group of people who all bring ‘fake news.’  In Trump’s view, the American press;  An enemy to the United States.

So why, if he might cry from hurt feelings, should he make an appearance?  

Why, indeed?  The already elected President would rather go out on the campaign trail, again.  Be surrounded by those with an allegiance to him secured by the strongest adhesive on earth.  People who will tell him how wonderful he is, cheer at his every word, and demonstrate their love for him.

Rather than keeping with tradition, and standing amidst the people who stand for the 1st Amendment of our Constitution, Trump coincidentally organizes a campaign rally in Harrisburg with a safe, adoring constituency in attendance.

Besides all of this, Trump called the Correspondents Dinner very boring. Interesting he was able to come to the conclusion that the Correspondents Dinner was “very, very boring.”  How does he know since, he wasn’t there?

I saw some clips.  One comedian was looking for Steve Bannon.  “Not see him” he said, and continued.  “Not see Bannon……not – see – Bannon.”

None of the Trump people were there to see, and hear a very serious salute to America’s First Amendment.  It seems Trump is in favor of the First Amendment to the Constitution as long as the Press supports him.  Otherwise they perpetuate “Fake News” as an enemy to the American people.

Trump went to a very, very boring Autocracy Support Rally in Harrisburg, PA. where chicken might have been a menu option (heard on MSNBC).  

Does this mean every time the President feels unloved, he will retreat?  That’s unknown but, what if he does, and what if he’s needed?

Maybe riding on the wave of money left for him by, his father did not allow for Trump to grow up.


Are You Crying? There’s No Crying!

There’s no crying in baseball!

Do you remember the movie, A League of Their Own with Tom Hanks who coached a group of women playing baseball during WWII?

During that time there weren’t enough men to play as many were in service so, Cubs owner Walter Harvey convinced owners to begin an All American Girls Professional Baseball League.

The movie was an entertaining fictional account of American History.

At one point in the movie, a washed up former major leaguer, and somewhat older male Manager (Tom Hanks) of the ‘Peaches,’ reprimands one of his players who begins to cry.

Tom Hanks character comes back at her; “Are you crying?  There’s no crying! There’s no crying in baseball!”

President Trump did say on the campaign trail, being President would be easy compared to what he does every day.

Well, the President of the United States can’t get easier work.  He can’t publicly wish for his previous life because it was easier.  There’s no crying.  He can’t cry out because it was easier to be the dictator of his own company.

It doesn’t work that way.  Trump doesn’t own the United States.   We have checks, and balances.  He’s answerable to other entities within the government.

He will, by his own admission have to work harder than he had thought he would have to work.  This was going to be harder than the work he did in private life.

If it is too difficult, too much work.  I might suggest abdicating the autocracy.  It’s okay, go back to your easier way of life, and succeed.

I agree, it’s probably easier to get a multi-billion dollar stipend from daddy, riding on that tiny stipend,  and calling it work.  Very easy work.

He seems content to work in that environment which I think he still maintains an active role.  I just think he’s frustrated as to what he said was an easier job during the campaign is getting in the way.  

There’s no crying from the President’s chair!!