Health Care Fix

Single payer.  I can see all the Conservatives with the tips of their ears turning red.

I hear all of you.  Free Market!  I get that but, let me put the case in front of you.

Free Market has to have willing participants, and in some cases not everybody wants to participate.

Key lobbyists include health insurance companies.  They can well afford to lobby our legislators with deep pockets.  They can also easily extend multi-million dollar salaries to their CEOs.  All of that before the business of insuring. 

The Free Market does not have willing participants.  Health insurance is an extremely profitable venture for these companies whether it is referred to as, Obama Care or, Trump Care.

In the Health Insurance free market these companies are allowed to increase their premiums, raise deductibles, and reduce coverage.

The health insurance for Americans  is now in crisis.  It is not being helped by merely repealing Obama Care, and later possibly the same repeal of Trump Care.  Neither work because, each political party will make a political football out of both of them.

Why else?  The companies profit with both plans.  They’re not caring too much as to what name is given to free market health insurance.

The health insurance industry will continue with business as usual.  They will continue their lobbying efforts in Washington.  That being the case, the public can expect few to no changes in the free market.

The best of free markets means there are willing participants, each willing to give, and get.  The companies are poised for the usual ‘get’ without giving or, appear to ‘give’ but, not really.

So, the only other answer to benefit the American people is, a very strict single payer plan.

Everybody on to a vastly improved Medicare.  Everyone would pay a basic monthly premium based on income, and/or assets.

A further caveat would be added based on total payroll deductions paid in to the fund.  The question then becomes, approximately how much will it take to run the program over the following year?  

Anticipated total payroll income, plus anticipated premiums, minus anticipated claims would determine anticipated funding necessary from Congress.  That anticipated amount would determine new premiums with review every six months.

All of those caveats would determine each person’s monthly premium.

Rather than researching seniors former payroll deductions over decades they, would just have to pay the premium taking all other caveats in to consideration.

The vast improvement makes it law that no political entity may deny funding to the plan.  Funding is untouchable, and a given.  We’re already paying for it, and the funds may not be borrowed by Congress.

Funding for the program would not be open for discussion but, rather it would take in the mathematical caveats including allowing relative function within the current economy for the insured.

While we’re at it, a no borrow clause should be extended to Social Security.

The new, and improved Medicare is governed by, Scientists, Doctors, Nurses, Public Health Advocacies, Hospital Management personnel, etc. with no interaction with any political entity.

How would this board of governors be appointed?  This is the point where I’m still trying to work that out.  How do we keep this out of the hands of legislators who will be compelled to fund it but, have no say so on how it is run?

Addendum:  Free Market – Single Payer:  All Health Insurance Companies would be required to participate or, no longer sell health insurance in the United States.

The premiums would be dictated by, the caveats above as private companies could not be trusted to enable all Americans affordable health care if left to a completely free market.

Trump: Australian Health Care Better Than USA

Many developed countries have better health care than the United States.

Donald Trump has said to his “good friend.”   “Australia has better health care than we do.”  He didn’t have a name for this “friend,” only “a friend” because Donny would have to do research to find out his “friend’s” name.

Malcolm Turnbull is the Prime Minister of Australia.  This is the personal friend Trump was describing.

If what Trump said is true, many sources will inform you that the latest polls have us outside of the top 10 developed countries for effective health care.   So, Trump’s remarks could easily be true.  

Trump’s House victory was represented by, a health bill that comes closer to mimicking the Affordable Care Act only with much tighter restrictions, taking funding from Medicaid, and accompanied by a tax cut for the very richest in American society.  I.E.  Trump, his Daughter, and Son-In-Law.

The most effective health care provided in developed countries is via a form of the single-payer system.

Trump is looking for accolades for House bill that, won’t escape the Senate in its’ current form.

U.S. Government Demands Free Labor

Complying to the letter of the law is another job I have but, it is free labor on my part.  Some will say it is the contribution you make.  I don’t mind making my fair share of the donation of time, and energy to government compliance.

I object to a contribution that is made because, a government program is ill conceived, and highly impractical.  Running on common sense with Republican-Democrat deleted from the equation, I’m good.

The newest compliance myriad is, health care.

How are you suppose to comply?  I’m covered with an employer sponsored plan.  It’s relatively simple to enroll in the program.

I’m on Social Security, and employed enough to be covered by a health plan.

SS sees it as their responsibility to enroll me in Medicare.  Not to inform me to apply.  Not to tell me how to apply.  Just to make it easy on everybody concerned except me of course, they have enrolled me, and informed me of the given amount they are deducting from my check to pay for it.

The government has a remarkably confusing Medicare platform.  There is a magazine sent that explains what to do over more than several dozen pages.  Parts A, B & D, etc.  It is just health insurance minus many amenities.

All the years I’ve worked, there is a payroll deduction for Medicare with the intent of no worries, it’s pre-paid in advance.  But no, not really.  The biggest part of health care must be paid for by the retiree as needed during retirement.  No Senior discounts here.

The government has proven many times over an inability to handle finances.  And don’t you just know by looking at Social Security, and Medicare that we pay for throughout our working lives continues to be handled imprudently.

Social Security by design is merely a Ponzi Scheme.  One generation continues to pay for another.  They never did figure on the possibility of less payroll paying in for a generation of larger proportion.

When I lived in Las Vegas many years ago, I wrote Harry Reid a letter. In it, I suggested the government either fine-tunes Social Security, and Medicare or get out of my way so, I can begin putting that payroll deduction toward retirement on my own terms.

Neither the Republicans or, Democrats have overhauled these benefits properly, and I submit there is a better way to handle Social Security, and Medicare for the public’s benefit.

Why is it, I am not being reimbursed for my time in trying to comply with every new law the government puts in front of us?

I want a new item on my taxes.  A compliance credit for time, and money.