Donald Trump Will Be Proud

Greg Gianforte, the Republican candidate for Congress in Montana is running in a special election to fill a Congressional seat.

What does Gianforte think of the latest health care bill with the improved numbers from the Congressional Budget Office?  

The newest version of the bill is designed to throw only 23 million off of health care rather than the previous 24 million.

A reporter tried to ask Gianforte’s opinion on the new CBO rating.

Rather than answer, it seems the candidate resorted to a strong arm act of violence on the reporter.  To think a reporter held a recording device up to the candidate’s lips for an answer.

The candidate body slammed the reporter to the floor.

Something finally broke the usual patented Donald Trump scowl.  I’ll bet that frown was turned upside down, while Trump probably smiled with pride that his campaign pep rally dissidents were physically moved out, and a fellow Republican is following Trump’s example.

Trump is a traitor to his own core base, and they stay.  Little to no to negative change is coming for the common worker as Trump helps to turn the screws.

One thing unknown is the Montana Republican candidate’s opinion of the CBO rating.

Trumpeters Orchestrating Cover-up?

We don’t know that for sure.  Not yet, anyway.  From appearances we might arrive at that conclusion.  These are appearances only.

The media has their stories, and their ‘spins’ on those stories.  The ‘spins’ are not ‘fake news.’  They are, as they’ve always been, the free American press expressing a wide variety of views.  We enjoy the freedom of press by Constitutional Law.

None of it is ‘fake news’ only opinion of the real news.  This is why I write with my own ‘spin’ based on the ‘spin’ I have received.

One of Donald Trump’s newest assertions being, “Maybe some of the media should be jailed.”  That might be how they do it in Russia.  Who knows where some of the press in the room last week might be right now.  Only the Russian press was allowed into the room.    

Trump took the opportunity of a Commencement speech to the Coast Guard to lament that “there has never been a politician in history who has been picked on  by the media” to the degree he has been abused.  This is all part of it.  

He may feel abused by the press but, I don’t think he is abused by the media. There’s just a lot of news being generated out of the Oval Office, and it will be reported by the American free press. 

There are several internal investigations that are now tainted with partisanship.

Most of us want the truth, and believe neither the Democrats or, Republicans can arrive at the truth if left to their own resources because they seem to be comprised of too many party loyalists.

More Americans distrust the government to handle any controversial investigation on their own.

I still trust the FBI is working diligently, and independently.

Personally, I want only the truth.  I don’t trust ‘bi-partisan’ internal committees to arrive at the truth.  Who’s hiding what?

We have a call to duty.  Putting America first.   A call to protect Constitutional Law.  How do we do that?  We need a politically untainted Independent investigation to arrive at the facts, and proceed appropriately.

There are House Members already calling for impeachment of President Trump, and we don’t even have all the facts, yet.

Hang tight because, the impeachment call at this point is as offensive as the resistance to an independent investigation. 

I’m not a Trump fan, and I remain without a political party affiliation. 

Trump campaigned on, “America First.”  Much to the chagrin of Republicans, it seems to be, “Donald Trump First.”

Addendum:  After writing this entry, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein has redeemed his reputation by appointing Special Counsel to continue the investigation citing public interest would best be served by an independent investigation.


Pep Rally In The Rose Garden

“How do you think I’m doin?  I got no experience in politics, and I’m President!”  This is what the President was asking the gathering of legislative constituents consisting of old, quite affluent white men.  

Why have a pep rally?  The House just voted thumbs up on the President’s endorsed health care bill.

They won!!!!  They got a legislative win in Congress.  It doesn’t become law.  It goes to the Senate.  Then it goes to Conference, and reconciliation.  Once the Senate votes to pass the bill in its’ newest form, it goes back to the House for a vote.   All of that approved, and the bill becomes law.

They got a runner on first.  In doing so…..a pep rally.

What was the pep rally all about then?  Trump, in his own mind hit a homerun.

That was not reality of course because, what he got was a walk to first.  That’s it.  Nobody on, and a lonely walk to first.  He was the only base runner, and the first inning is now over.

What healthcare bill?  The added notes of stupidity continue as Congressmen were asked if they read the bill.  After all, they voted for the bill.  Some rushed past reporters leaving their shoes behind.  The most ridiculous of responses after voting on a bill affecting millions of Americans were: “I just got back from baseball practice” to “That’s what I have staff for.”

Neither of those remarks were called for, no matter where you live politically.  It tells you how important it is for them to represent you.  They were mocking scrutiny.  They were daring us to respond.

With all of this, the Democrats showed no respect for the House, itself as their “Na Na, Hey Hey, Goodbye” was uncalled for at the end of the vote.  The general population will make their likes, and dislikes known at the appropriate time.

Trump: Australian Health Care Better Than USA

Many developed countries have better health care than the United States.

Donald Trump has said to his “good friend.”   “Australia has better health care than we do.”  He didn’t have a name for this “friend,” only “a friend” because Donny would have to do research to find out his “friend’s” name.

Malcolm Turnbull is the Prime Minister of Australia.  This is the personal friend Trump was describing.

If what Trump said is true, many sources will inform you that the latest polls have us outside of the top 10 developed countries for effective health care.   So, Trump’s remarks could easily be true.  

Trump’s House victory was represented by, a health bill that comes closer to mimicking the Affordable Care Act only with much tighter restrictions, taking funding from Medicaid, and accompanied by a tax cut for the very richest in American society.  I.E.  Trump, his Daughter, and Son-In-Law.

The most effective health care provided in developed countries is via a form of the single-payer system.

Trump is looking for accolades for House bill that, won’t escape the Senate in its’ current form.

Blowing Smoke

Tweet to President Obama, 2013……..Do not attack Syria.  You must get Congressional approval.  While not word for word, this was the content of tweets form Donald Trump.  Now, President Donald Trump.

They are presenting for the first time, an emotional President who acts on emotion.  Could it be this bombing works well as another distraction from Russia-Gate?  Another story to distract your attention.  

The Syrian attack seems to have been a photo-op.  Seems like everything was well coordinated between all interested parties.  

Russian, and Syrian officials in on the deal?   Everybody knew?  The attack being extremely light without real consequences as the airport ‘bombed’ is up, and operational as if nothing has occurred.

Sorry, Trump’s sincerity was just not coming across.  His concern for the children there seemed just like Trump.  ‘You won’t be coming here at any cost,  and this shouldn’t happen to you.’  Don’t forget to throw in the ‘Almighty’ as  guardian of these children.  It sounds good.  

If you are watching the current administration closely they, are throwing out stories, left, and right to deflect from their alleged collusion with Russian involvement in bringing down our democracy.

They’re even willing to throw bombs in Syria, portraying an uncharacteristic emotional Donald Trump.  Emotional?  Really?  When did that start?  Trump is rough, and tough bent on firing people.  “You’re fired!”

Well, it seems to be working.  We’re getting close to anything but, America first.

Look what this administration has done for our democracy.  They’ve allowed our Internet Service Providers free rein to look at our data, and sell it off to third parties without your consent.

This administration has asked Twitter to give the government identification of  someone behind a tweet opposing this administration’s policies.  

Your rights as given under the constitution may be beginning to erode until you have no rights left.  Is Russia-Gate closer to reality for America?  Is puppeteer Putin the puppeteer over the American government?  I hope not.

Is Putin responsible for Mitch McConnell invoking anti-American activities in the Senate so prior to the mid-term elections this could be Republicans first, America second or third or, whatever.

To be fair, the nuclear move in the Senate was originally initiated by, Harry Reid for a lower court appointment.  Reid can take credit for this move which impedes our democracy. 

Mitch McConnell is married to partisanship, and seems to be a leader of anti-democracy activities in favor of partisan activities possibly orchestrating his way to the position as this country’s first dictator under the Republican flag.  Can you imagine?  A Republican Dictatorship.

Anybody married to partisanship on either side of the line is not capable of putting America first.  I would point out Harry Reid, and Mitch McConnell as just two of those putting partisanship ahead of country. 

Whether Democrat or, Republican, you must be seeing unfair rule changes executed in the Senate, and unfair Executive Orders issued that could be construed as anti-American, anti-democracy.  

It’s no longer Republicans vs. Democrats, it is not merely sneaking through a Supreme Court Justice.  If we’re still a democracy this could blow up in the faces of Republicans.

The Supreme Court will forever be stacked with partisan judges with the Senate’s anti-democracy ‘nuclear’ motion eliminating any minority party from participation initiated by, Mitch McConnell.

This is a short term fix for Mitch, and his friends, including my home state legislator.  You see, should this ‘democracy’ prevail, it is possible the Democrats get control of the Senate once more.   

Using Mitch McConnell as an example, the Dems may push the minority party out of the legislative process by, changing the rules to accommodate themselves.  

McConnell would go down in American history as the leader of the party that began an exit from democracy.

McConnell, and friends may already be planning a chemical attack on his own country.  Trump is leading the way by issuing an Executive Order to give Andy (CEO, DOW Chemical) free reign to use any pesticides at will along the American landscape.  

Andy at DOW got the pen that I helped pay for that Trump used to sign the order to assist in killing off some of the American population.

If Donald Trump or, anyone associated with his campaign are found guilty of a crime, does any appointment or, legislation initiated by, him or, his party and/or, signed  by, him or, anyone on his staff become eligible for repeal?

So far, this has been everything except; America first!

Medicare – Social Security Funding

Americans defend Capitalism with great fervor!  So will I but, our government will not participate.

There are times when the government must show their confidence in our economic standard.  

What I propose is a winner for everyone.  Not only for the Medicare, and Social Security programs but, for the workers in this country who must bear the burden of paying for these programs, and those who depend on these programs.

This would also eventually eliminate business’ liability to the programs.

By design, Social Security has some components of a Ponzi scheme.  It was ill conceived because each working generation contributes for the working class in front of them.

What they didn’t consider was the size of each of those working generations.  For it to work properly each generation of workers had to be minimally the same number of workers as the generation it is funding if not more.

This is simply not the case.  It was just over looked or, ignored.  

Once realized. Congress should have been all over the problem but, they weren’t.  Today we have less paying for more.  There are also obvious costs to administer these programs.

Two things have to occur to maintain Social Security.  Proper funding, and once attained, Congress may not have hands on with ‘borrowing’ from the fund.

At this point, the deduction from worker paychecks directly pays for the recipients of the program.  There should be no deficit but of course, like any well thought out government program, there is a deficit. 

There are less attempting to pay for the heavily populated ‘Boomer’ generation.

Social Security has to become a capitalistic enterprise.  The program must be phased in over approximately 5 years but, eventually it will become a profitable enterprise able to return all profits to users of the program. 

Do you think for one moment, insurance companies became wealthy enterprises by merely collecting monthly premiums coupled with payouts to policy holders?  No.  They are heavily vested in capitalism.

I seriously doubt that a mere premium/payout business model all on its’ own could survive.

While there are questions of government participating in capitalism for profit, my answer would also be a  question:  Why not?  It is after all the American economic standard.  

Any ‘profit’ would have to be accounted for, reducing, and eventually eliminating payroll deductions. Any further excess returned to the end user of these programs.  Why not initiate a way to reduce the tax burden, and increase coverage?

I suggest that a portion of the income to Social Security derived through payrolls everywhere should be invested in Class A, and better Bonds as well as Bond Funds. This should be phased in at the rate of 20%/yr. until 100%/yr. is invested.

The investment program should expand beyond bonds to other dividend instruments, including REITs with direct ownership of property.  

Another investment vehicle would be a mix of long, and short term Certificates of Deposit.

Dividends, and interest payable to Social Security, and/or Medicare.

Hopefully, eventually as investments are expanded,  Social Security will be self sustaining. The program is not working sufficiently as it is now with deficits, and minimal returns.

There is no reason Medicare could not initiate a similar working model.  Medicare is also in the red, and just as Social Security, offers minimal coverage. So minimal that private insurance must be solicited at catastrophic rates to Seniors to cover whatever Medicare will not cover.

Many of the prescriptions covered under private insurance are not covered, and private insurance for Medicare follows the Medicare list of prescriptions.

So, next time you see a Senior with a major cough, understand Medicare does not recognize, chronic conditions causing a cough.  Seniors with Chronic Bronchitis are on their own, and must pay for their own prescribed cough medicines at full price.

While prescriptions may cost less through mail order, I would suggest that the government programs discourage favoritism by, not eliminating the local pharmacy from the picture.

Eliminating the local pharmacy puts immediate pharmaceutical needs at bay when some local paper work is necessary.

Most of the savings given by mail order providers is given to plan providers with the end user receiving only a small portion of the savings.

As aging sets in, it becomes more important for a relationship between the patient, and a local pharmacist.

It’s time for the government to lead, and demonstrate how well capitalism works.  For everyone, including local pharmacies.  

No more competition based on networking.  

You buy an insurance supplement for Medicare, and every medical professional is included.  It is not necessary to change doctors for the sake of insurance networking. 

Without any facts at my side, I’m assuming insurance companies include networking as a money making proposition.

Everyone pays the same insurance premium for specific coverage regardless of the medical professional chosen.

Medical professionals would have to offer specific services at one prescribed price to insurance companies without facilitating network involvement.

While pricing is not standardized, three local prices are procured with an average of the three being the price insurance would pay as their portion (I.E. 80%.)  

The medical professional may elect to accept the insurance pricing or, instruct the patient of their responsibility for the remainder of the fee that particular professional does charge.

Homeland Security May Cease, & Halt

Your U.S. Government is once again too busy for the trivialities of government.  They are busy with ‘issues’ more important than that.  The best team in the contest.

The importance of being Republican, or Democrat is center stage……again.  One political phrase they can share on equal terms:  Dare to be different even when there is no need for difference, just to be different.

The very important status of one over the other, and determined not to lose face, the Republicans and Democrats may just shut it down.  They can’t agree on how to finance the department.  Attachments.

How about no attachments?  How about only the business at hand?  How about if, there are never attachments to any bill.  Just the subject at hand.  No reasons to skip out on responsibility for voting for or against on one bill or, another because of attachments.

No more laws being parts of other laws.

Some Congressional Representatives may be saying, ‘I couldn’t vote for funding Homeland Security because there was Migrant funding on the same bill.’

Strategy:  Can’t have it my way?  Then, certainly you won’t have yours.  Then, turn around, point finger of blame directly at you.  Then, vociferously reiterate the fault as yours.  It works every time.

The segment of the public belonging to each respective political party unequivocally understands without question where the fault lies.  No details necessary, they knew where the fault was before anything took place.  Ask any staunch party member.  They are first to tell you they are open minded but, can never find anything correct with the other party beginning with their mere existence.

So, the psychology of group validation is more important than any one issue, and no wonder they refuse each other. They’re suppose to be different.

….And why, you ask does government get stuck on the issues with little to no accomplishment?  The importance of political party group ego takes precedence.  Group validation keeps the individual ego firmly focused on the group.

They are not issue oriented but, rather strategies to maintain difference just to distinguish themselves from each other.

In the mean time.  Screw the country.  What country?  This is the more important business of the egotistical need to belong to one group or the other.   An individual ego protected by the group umbrella.

I am not interested on how Congress keeps government open for business, I am interested only in that they do.  Don’t care how they arrive there. It’s their job to arrive there.

If they don’t get there, they can point fingers all they like but, the one commonality is they did not get there, and they all share equal blame.  The blame is shared by the Republican, and Democratic egoists, together.

When we first went global, so many decades ago, my father told me ‘we have two major problems impeding progress in the United States; Democrats, and Republicans.’

One destination, two very different paths at arriving there.

When the day arrives that a Republican can be complimentary to one thing a Democrat wants as policy, and vice-versa is when the Government will begin to function as it should function.

America matters beyond egotistical bickering over who the best team might be.

For the record, I am Independent, and belong to no political party for group validation.  At least I can say, my feelings are genuinely my own.