The New Who Debuts At Christmas

The trailer on BBC – One in the U.K. introducing the new Doctor……



Actress, Jodie Whittaker will be the 13th Doctor.

Upon running across the same trailer on You Tube, I came across the typical You Tube comments filled with the typical backlash of nay sayers in the comment section.

Some of the meanest, shallow thinkers comment with insults, and playground remarks that not even any self respecting child would speak to each other as they continue to do on You Tube.  

It is apparent those commentary entrants intend to abandon the show with a final blame given to the feminists who orchestrated this move…not.  Their loss.

I don’t mind different opinions from my own but, I dislike the juveniles attacking each other rather than staying on-point with their opinions on the subject at hand.

 Some feel this is strictly a man’s role, and always has been with no room for expansion.

After all this time we have another opportunity to explore the Doctor that will be a-typical; Unusual.   What that means is; The producers will have us stretching our imaginations.

Isn’t that what Doctor Who has been?  And now they will take our imaginations further.

I don’t believe this is a case of the Feminists campaigning for this change as some comments would have you believe on You Tube.

The show is not in ruins; It’s expanding! 

For those of us in the States, we’ll be back on BBC-America enjoying new stories with the new Doctor beginning with the Christmas Special.

Who’s Who On Who?

Tonight, July 1st is the season finale of Doctor Who on BBC-America, and Peter Capaldi’s final stand as The Doctor.

The re-generation begins as Capaldi in his last stand as the Doctor tries to resist the regeneration, with an exclamation; “Not again.  I don’t want to change, again.”  And the story ends there until the Christmas Special.

Before I go hunting for spoilers revealing who will be the new Doctor, I’ve got some observations.

Have you noticed that Missy has apparently mended her relationship with the Doctor because, in some weird way she will become the final Doctor.

I realize this is odd because a new regeneration method would have to take place, and that would be tough to digest.  Besides, Missy is best at being Missy.  Missy needs to maintain a certain brand of meaningful Missy Meanness.

Will Missy no longer be Missy as the original Master is set to return?  If that’s the case, does the former returning Master have the same Missy mended relationship with the Doctor?

No.  Never mind,  this really isn’t working out for me.  I don’t know Who will be the next Who on Who.  I mean really……Who knows?  Who might not…. 


Who’s Who On Who

Last Saturday night was the Season 10 premier of Dr. Who.

We got to meet up with Bill (well played by, Pearl Mackie) who is mentored by her university professor who just happens to be Peter Capaldi as  The Doctor.

A series of situations places Bill within the TARDIS with the Doctor, and an introduction to Nardole. a character from a couple of Christmas specials.  Matt Lucas does well in this role as a man friend, and caterer to The Doctor.

The question becomes whether this is a permanent traveling trio or, is Matt Lucas here for only another moment in time, leaving Bill, and the Doctor on their own?

The Premier played to a much smaller audience on BBC-America than the last season premier but, could it be that taking much more than an extra moment in time for a delayed season 10 that everybody would still be hanging out?

Only Inner Whovians.  Those on the Who fringe probably just didn’t consider the wait for this event that important.

BBC-America had a full slate of the Doctor on tap for the night.  

Peter Capaldi made appearances all evening long.  

He confirmed his exit from his role as The Doctor with the conclusion of the current Season 10 of Doctor Who on the Graham Norton Show.  He confirmed shooting his demise as the Doctor but, not whether there is a regeneration, and a continuation of The Doctor.

Purists realize the story limits the number of regenerations the Doctor has but, there are caveats……

Capaldi did not give away the end result.

There was more to BBC-America that night.  The premier of a brand new show; Class.  Same sci-fi genre as Doctor Who, featuring The Doctor.

Interesting concept on a HS campus.  Some humans are not humans.  Some are beings, each from 2 factions of another planet.

The story line has the Doctor called to help with peace so the humans are not caught in between the 2 warring factions from another planet.

There is a dilemma.  How to get rid of the evil when the evil now shares a heart with a human.  Kill the bad guy, kill the innocent heart sharing human.

More Class with the Doctor?  Most probably without, and there’s only one Doctor.

Knock Knock; Who’s There!

Finally!  The Doctor returns!

Who is arriving!  April 15th.  No, it is not a Doctor of Taxation.  That Doctor should have worked his miracles prior to April 15th.  It is….

Who!  Doctor Who returns for the long awaited new season, April 15th on BBC-America.

 It may not be just that easy under new American alien laws.  Can the Doctor go from the BBC to BBC-America or, does the Doctor trump all merely earthly laws?

After this season, will there be a new Doctor?  It appears, Peter Capaldi is calling this his last season as the Doctor.

Who’s next?  Is there another Who?  Is this going to be the last of Who?  How will they explain another regeneration?

The Doctor’s new traveling companion, Bill makes her debut this season.  It will be interesting to see how this pairing works as it will be difficult not to compare past pairings.

Reruns of Doctor Who with Tom Baker as the Doctor from the late 1970’s, early 80’s are being shown on PBS once per week.

More on the rerun front, BBC-America has been featuring several Doctor Who episodes per day on their morning, and mid-day schedule, Monday through Thursday.

While somebody, somewhere has had a falling out with former Doctor, Chris Eccleston, we are being deprived of those episodes. Don’t know if  the falling out is with the Doctor Who franchise or, BBC-America.

Wish they would resolve the Chris Eccleston  situation.

Maybe they can reconcile with Eccleston.  Bringing in a former Doctor may be an explanation for a regeneration that is not a regeneration.

Eccleston played the Doctor for only one season in 2005 before Matt Smith. 

Up to date, Who returns for a new season, April 15th on BBC-America after a very lengthy wait since last season.


Is There Enough Sanity To Go Around?

Is it possible there are degrees of sanity?  Where is the line drawn?  

My television viewing habits by my own standard have me questioning all of it.

I have watched several episodes of the new BBC-America show,   
Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency.     

This show is hilarious, and comes from a a 1987 book by, Douglas Adams. 

The writers, and everyone else connected with this show must have a degree of insanity.  They have actors, and actresses to pull characters off from the depths of craziness.  The crew must have crossed the lines as well.

What does that say about me, the viewer?  It’s scary because by liking this show, it scares me to think I could be from the same stock.

Then I began thinking maybe these people see it differently.  What if they are all perfectly sane?  What if they truly believe that about themselves?

What if, they’re right?  What if, this show represents sanity in the best fashion?  What if, I am the one who has lost it with this show being the best representation of the definition of the ‘new’ sanity?

Where’s Who?

That is not the relevant question.  It is, not where.  Who knows where but, more relevant is; When is Who?  

I will try to answer the more relevant because once we know that answer, the secondary question will become the relevant inquiry.

Although Dr. Who will have a Christmas Special, Season 10 is not quite in focus just yet.  They seem to be running very late.  

My misinterpretation of the promos on BBC-America that last night’s 1966 animated adventure was an introduction of sorts to season 10 were obviously wrong.  

I thought maybe the strong indications season 10 was still cooking were wrong, and BBC-America was saying, ‘Surprise!’  

The vintage cartoon series dates back to the mid-1960s, and follows the regeneration of Doctor 1 to Doctor 2 with the companions trying to make sense of it all.

I found out soon enough last night’s episode was only the first of six episodes of an animated Doctor Who mini-series.  

By the time they reach the end of 6 cartoons full of Doctor Who we’ll be in time for the Christmas Special, and then I’d like to see a repeat of Season 9 in sequential order as a lead in to Season 10.  

More realistically, the 2016 World Series Champion Chicago Cubs will begin their MLB quest in the Spring of 2017 for another World Series victory as the Doctor Who season 10 begins on BBC-America.

Season 10 spoilers?  Only to repeat information already well placed over the WWW, and other public venues but, work with me here just in case you haven’t heard any of these before.  

The rumor mill has some concrete proof with statements or, rumors of statements by, Peter Capaldi saying he would  be leaving the Doctor Who role with season 10 being the end for this Doctor.

If that is true, will the story line somehow evolve past 13 regenerations of the Doctor?  How will that be explained?  How about beginning again with a new Doctor in a parallel world?  

Some spoilers……

River Song returns.   One of my favorite personalities!  What I don’t know about her return is whether they will appease one of my favorite possible scenarios putting River Song, and Missy in a story line where they vehemently oppose one another.

Matt Smith returning as part of the Doctor’s memory?  As much as I can tell, that would be a spoiler, dismissed.

Everybody’s cutting costs but, nothing trimmed off the quality of each episode of 12 in Season 10.  

You want to assure me there have always been 13 episodes to a season. Accepted but, like I said, due to budget cuts the quality will be maintained….over 12 episodes this coming season.  

Steven Moffat will hand over Doctor Who Showrunner responsibilities to fresh talent upon the conclusion of Season 10.

On another related subject.  I have been criticized by some for my enjoyment of
Doctor Who.

The number one criticism seems to be that the series really stretches science beyond even, Science Fiction.

First, I would say to just enjoy it as comedy.  Understand, Doctor Who has progressed past Science as it first began in the 1960s.  

It has also progressed past Science Fiction for the so-called purist, graduating instead to a Daveological Society class of science known as Fictional Science which simply means they get to make up the science as they go. 

It is as if you’ve thought science out to the edge of your imagination, and Doctor Who’s writers then go a step further just to tickle your imagination.  

The writers seem to know where the collective imagination stretches, and then they make fun of it.  Just for the fun of it!

So watch Doctor Who just for the fun of it! 

River’s Husband Collection

Last night’s Doctor Who Christmas Special did not disappoint me.

It was a reminder of how I felt watching Doctor Who for the first time.  My first reaction was, ‘Star Trek on drugs!’

This was a light plot investigating more of the dimensional characters of The Doctor, and River Song.

It had plenty of comedy with Peter Capaldi demonstrating more dimension to his great acting skills.

The chemistry between Peter Capaldi, and Alex Kingston was very good. 

There was one scene where The Doctor begins to laugh uncontrollably with River objecting to his laughter when they are faced with a serious combatant.

He looks at her, and says something to the effect of, ‘we’re being threatened by, a bag!,’ and they both are struck with uncontrollable laughter.  

Was that moment rehearsed or, did Capaldi realize this at that very moment?  Better left in the final cut if, that was the case.  If not; It was funny, anyway.

There was another gag for Christmas at the beginning of the episode.  It is assumed The Doctor left a note on the TARDIS indicating ‘Carolers will be criticised.’  Well, Merry Christmas!

The first knock on the door of The TARDIS is a visitor looking for a ‘Doctor.’  The door is opened by, ‘The Doctor’ who promptly asks the visitor if, there is something on his head.

Antlers.  Is that a return from the TARDIS for his anti-caroling note?

I’m not going to dwell on the story line too much as others have done a very good job.

I have read some reviews glad to see Doctor Song float down the river, and out of sight.  For me, it’s the other story.  I will miss her story line.

Then again, River being River, and The Doctor as himself know that there is more life to River.  24 years, and certainly each of them have much to do in the universe during that time.

I’d like to see a story line develop with River Song, and Missy.

Anyway, this episode had a Christmas backdrop but, the story line had little to do with Christmas.