Who Can I Talk To?

I took a trip to California last year to visit my brother, and became addicted.

My wife and I have been caught up in a 38 year romance as of yesterday, and still this addiction prevails as a non-spoken addiction in this household.  You would think I would have a family I could go to.  They don’t understand the addiction, can’t relate to it.

The family knows but, has little to no interest.  It hurts but, sometimes it helps to have someone else in the immediate family take an interest so speculation can be dealt with as different aspects of  this addiction need to be discussed.  New ideas, fresh outlook.

For me, the addiction is blissful.  It is exciting for me, and yet no one in this household wants to seriously discuss my addiction.

No one in the household can field questions for possible answers so, any questions I might have remain hypothetical, and I must ponder within my own mind for answers.  How will this continue?  What effects will it have?  How will it effect my relationship with those I am closest?

Perhaps the family wants to ignore it hoping, it somehow just goes away.  For now, it can’t.  As long as I stay a living, breathing, thinking human being, I am enjoying this too much to just give it up.  My choice, and I alone am responsible for my choices.  In making those choices, I must accept the results as my own at a later time.

What do you do when you’re faced with crossing a river or pond, and no bridge beneath?  Family attendance rules are important here where no ‘tardies’ are allowed to materialize.  No family member to talk to about it.

Maybe I could use some professional help, I don’t know.  Maybe I need a doctor but, not just any doctor because I have become addicted to, ‘The’ Doctor.

Doctor Who season premiere, Saturday, August 23rd on BBC America

and the addiction continues…….