Daveological Doo-Wah-Diddys

Ain’t Life Punderful?

This page is dedicated to my Dad who, taught me to enjoy a laugh or, two or, more.

Many years ago, as a family under one roof, he would teach my two brothers, and myself the art of the play on words.  The pun.  He enjoyed this form of humor with a love for the language.

Some refer to the pun as, the lowest form of humor, and otherwise refer to puns as ‘groaners.’

There was no stopping my Dad!  He was very good at taking words, and wrapping them around to mean something they didn’t mean, even when they did mean something, they didn’t.

My brothers, and I had a pact.  Whenever he would gather us around for his latest play on words, we would use a blank stare. He would become absolutely thrilled with himself when, the PUNch line would roll off his lips.  We were pretty good with this pact.  Just stare him down.  No expression whatsoever.

He was struck by disbelief at us as his very clever plays on words were many times, funny but, we stood our ground. 

When it was over the three of us brothers would gather on our own to laugh at his jokes, and enjoy how we managed to maintain our pact.

Before my Dad died some twenty years ago, I did tell him all about it.  I am thankful for this life long memory!

Wait….there’s more to  this exciting offer of word plays!  Before you leave this page, here are some of my own word plays:

From The News Room

Sources at the North Pole have reported Santa missing since just after Christmas.  The search for Santa has since been abandoned with officials calling it a lost clause.

 Wil & Sean

Wil made the streets his home.  Easiest way to keep secrets is, to keep moving, and don’t own anything electronic.  Will lived up to both of those.

Sean, on the other hand resided aboard his boat in the harbor, and had all the electronic devices.  Sean left his boat that day for a brisk walk through the park.   Coming across Wil sitting on a bench, leaning back, eyes closed, and napping,  Sean quietly took a seat on the far end of the bench but, Wil had awakened, anyway.

Sean, and Wil exchanged courteous introductions, and learning a little more, Sean offered Wil a sleeping arrangement for the night on his boat  in the harbor amidst a threatening storm.

Wil developed a horrible cough after being on the streets so long.  Sean summoned medical help.  The medical help characterized the cough as a symptom of something highly contagious, and quarantined the two on board.

The Doctor, about to leave turned back to Sean, and told him, it never does anybody, any good to………harbor ill will.

The Double Booking

My neighbor, well in to his 70s has re-entered the dating arena recently, and invited Edith to dinner.  They agreed to meet at the restaurant.

Upon being seated with cocktails, and appetizers they were having a good time when, another lady entered the restaurant, and spotted my neighbor.  She made her way directly to his table.  Hands crossed, peering down, my neighbor looks up in astonishment at Kate.

He forgot, and double booked as both women immediately removed themselves from the restaurant, and my neighbor realized it was true!

You can’t have your Kate, and Edith too!

From The Dictionary


Avenue to the asylum.


A lower ranking officer in the militia.

Sordid Affair

A fight between two or, more Pirates.


Observing royalty


Mensa group water vehicles


The smart person  who previously created word plays.


A bag of ice


See ‘Seeking’ above


Flea & tic conversation


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