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Stop Thinking & Let Your Mind Do Its' Job

‘OM’ is you, me, and the natural elements of the universe.

Earphones on, and prepare for a meditative ‘OM’ from one of the greatest bands of all time emenating out of the 60’s Rock culture….

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The following is a guided meditation on success, and abundance from The Power Thoughts Meditation Club

It is very important to understand manifesting through the Universe.

The question is not, how can I get all this money, and stuff that I want?  The Universe hears just that, responding like a mirror, and  aptly responds with ‘How can I get?’

How can I serve, and help those less fortunate succeed?

As Dr. Wayne Dyer has said verbatim, ‘How do I serve?

Remember,  receiving is giving all in a single transaction.

I began investigating Binaural Beat Meditations but, unfortunately, my predisposition to seizures has excluded me from participating in Binaural Beat Meditations. 

CAUTION:  Some discussions regarding Binaural Beat Meditations have cited the possibility of binaural meditations initiating seizure activity in some people who may be predisposed to seizures.  It is recommended that epileptics, and others subject to seizure activity consult their Health Professionals before pursuing binaural meditation activity.

We’ve heard of Alpha, Beta,  Delta, and  Gamma waves but,   Theta is a frequency that has gotten less attention until now.

Theta is the gateway to realizing the greatest potential of your brain.

Music can be added to the Theta Wave as it is in this guided meditation.

A good mentor for meditation from those much more experienced at meditation than I am, can easily be found.

One of those mentors for meditation is, John C. Bader.

John’s story is a difficult one.

How does anyone with a similar story arrive at a certain peace with the universe, and go on to mentor others to that same peace?

John’s book, The Responsive Universe is a good read, and has a permanent home on my book shelf.  It is a great reference! 

I believe it was no accident arriving at the  Responsive Universe blog  because, this is where I received the original inspiration to develop a daily meditation routine.

How do you meditate?  I have discovered no one person has the way.  Many people have a way.  Music, candles, mantra…a focal point.  Perhaps the power of meditation lies within the sound known as Binaural  Beats Meditation.

Meditation is not necessarily formal though I believe it is one way to form a disciplined mind for other less formal meditations.

I sometimes manage a less formal, private meditation at work.  While on the sales floor I often meditate on the moment sometimes only for the moment.  Perhaps this will become habitual with my mind on to it with or, without me.

You may already meditate, without even knowing you meditate.  As an example, you may be avid about working in your garden.  Your alone time.  Just you, the universe, and your thoughts.  The ingredients for meditation.  It is quite possible you already meditate on a routine basis.

There is nothing more important than, this moment.  In fact, it is vital to observe, and participate in this moment, right now as explained in the following video.

 Why use a mantra?  How does a mantra work?

 My favorite mantra is explained in this video.

This is my favorite version of Ra Ma Da Sa  by, Snatam Kaur.

For some, it is just a hint of music to relax the mind,  allowing the mind to focus.   I find the following does that for me, and is a pleasant occasional departure from Binaural Beats.

This is under a Creative Commons License, from an extremely talented producer, composer, musician, Kevin MacLeod at Incompetech.com

As I listen to Perspectives, the music flows as a perspective develops, and once ultimately discovered, a plateau from which the music ascends to a new discovery pattern to another plateau, and then begins the pattern again, discovery to plateau.  A multidimensional gathering of new perspectives.  That would be my interpretation in this context.

Meditation doesn’t necessarily have a time frame for results, and it is not magic.  Not necessarily over night, and not necessarily years before you arrive so to speak.  Meditation; Kind of like a computer processor taking bits of information, offering a refinement of the initial perceived complexity, and breaking all those bits of information  into a comprehensive simplicity. 

Actually, I believe you arrive at a myriad of destinations on this journey without time as a limitation. 

Within the first several weeks of meditating, I encountered some emotional feelings a little foreign to me.  Perhaps some covered realities manifested as the mind was adding new realizations?  Destinations along the way on this life long journey?

I have found my ego drifting to a point of superiority as if, I am holier than the others, smarter than those around me only because I consciously meditate on a regular basis. The reality is, there is always somebody holier, somebody smarter in my midst, and humility is the authenticity of proper meditation.  My ego will cease to participate once that becomes not only intellectually apparent but, my true nature. 

My meditation must become an enabler for me to possibly meet the authentic higher level of others not, that they will reach mine.

I find meditation is not a prayer or, a wishing well.  For me, it is Science.  It is a stimulation for the mind to think more clearly in this moment.

An understanding that, the mind will think without any bias (contribution of the ego) from me.  The authenticity of pure thought.  An attempt to not force thought.  Thought….is.  All by itself. 

For me meditation is a catalyst for the allowance, and enhancement of thought, not the suppression of thought.

Your thoughts are valued here

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