Pardon Me

It is time to do some work on some clarification of Presidential Pardons.  

I’m convinced the work needs to be done immediately if not sooner.  Time for mass restrictions on the Presidential pardons.

As we may about to be uncovering one of the greatest crimes at the top level in the nation’s history, we are about to see gross misuse of the President’s ability to pardon some or, all involved pardoned from their crimes just because, they can be pardoned by, the President. 

Are we or, are we not a nation of laws?  We are suppose to be a nation of laws where we often proclaim, “No one is above the law.”

Why is it then, that our President is allowed to operate above the law by, allowing others to operate on the wrong side of the law, and sometimes profit absurd amounts of money at the expense of someone else who might be less fortunate?

Due to their prominence or status in society, they simply get pardoned with no consequences to suffer for their wrong doing.  It may have nothing to do with prominence or, status.  Maybe it is simply a personal friend or, acquaintance of the President.

If I don’t fit as one of those puzzle pieces, and committed the same crime,  I will have to suffer all the consequences.

I’m not wealthy but, could not conceive of committing any crime nor, could I put anybody else in jeopardy for financial gain.  It would be an insult to my parents, and especially my Father.

If I am to be wealthy, it will not be a stipend from my parents as they both died many years ago.

I recognize the many financial mistakes I’ve made but, as of right now, they are gone.  They don’t matter any more.   

I’m left to do it on my own.  I’ve tried a million times, a million ways.  There are times I could have done better with better choices.  

By choice, I made it to here, and as a senior citizen I’m grateful because I still have time to try.

Now, I’ll have lots of room to enjoy my success.  Without a stipend, and inside the law.



Why Trump Continues To Fail

Why is it, the President of the United States continues to fail?

Donald Trump knows nothing about, the art of the deal.

In a true Trump dictatorship, I would be beheaded for such a characterization of the Lord.  I would have taken the Lord’s name in vain.  Lord Trump.  A false Lord but, by the time it is recognized as true by the majority of the populace, it’s too late.

Give me your tired, poor, and huddled masses has no meaning to these backward Christians.  They call it Christianity but, that’s a misnomer as the only belief allowed on this land is, Lord Trump’s gospel of greed.

A man who received a major stipend from his fortunate father.  Without that stipend there would be no Lord Trump.  The stipend was so large, Donald Trump had no choice but, to remain a rich man.  

It was not really known whether Trump blew the stipend, amassed a great deal of debt, and was possibly living a facade on borrowed money.  Perhaps, at least in this case, there is no ‘art of the deal.’

He had much of what money could buy but, had an ego that demanded much more…

Trump made it to President of the United States.  He couldn’t stop nor, did he consider he could fail.  Before his term as President ended he canceled the election as his ego could not accept even the possibility of a loss.

Instead; He became Lord Trump but, many refused to have a false Lord before them.  It was clear, the Lordship of Trump had no control over the Universe built, and created by something greater than Trump himself.

The true Lord of the Universe prevailed, and Donald Trump found himself at a loss, subservient to something greater, better, and mightier than Donald Trump who folded like a bad poker hand.

The Universe would always have the upper hand.

Health Care Fix

Single payer.  I can see all the Conservatives with the tips of their ears turning red.

I hear all of you.  Free Market!  I get that but, let me put the case in front of you.

Free Market has to have willing participants, and in some cases not everybody wants to participate.

Key lobbyists include health insurance companies.  They can well afford to lobby our legislators with deep pockets.  They can also easily extend multi-million dollar salaries to their CEOs.  All of that before the business of insuring. 

The Free Market does not have willing participants.  Health insurance is an extremely profitable venture for these companies whether it is referred to as, Obama Care or, Trump Care.

In the Health Insurance free market these companies are allowed to increase their premiums, raise deductibles, and reduce coverage.

The health insurance for Americans  is now in crisis.  It is not being helped by merely repealing Obama Care, and later possibly the same repeal of Trump Care.  Neither work because, each political party will make a political football out of both of them.

Why else?  The companies profit with both plans.  They’re not caring too much as to what name is given to free market health insurance.

The health insurance industry will continue with business as usual.  They will continue their lobbying efforts in Washington.  That being the case, the public can expect few to no changes in the free market.

The best of free markets means there are willing participants, each willing to give, and get.  The companies are poised for the usual ‘get’ without giving or, appear to ‘give’ but, not really.

So, the only other answer to benefit the American people is, a very strict single payer plan.

Everybody on to a vastly improved Medicare.  Everyone would pay a basic monthly premium based on income, and/or assets.

A further caveat would be added based on total payroll deductions paid in to the fund.  The question then becomes, approximately how much will it take to run the program over the following year?  

Anticipated total payroll income, plus anticipated premiums, minus anticipated claims would determine anticipated funding necessary from Congress.  That anticipated amount would determine new premiums with review every six months.

All of those caveats would determine each person’s monthly premium.

Rather than researching seniors former payroll deductions over decades they, would just have to pay the premium taking all other caveats in to consideration.

The vast improvement makes it law that no political entity may deny funding to the plan.  Funding is untouchable, and a given.  We’re already paying for it, and the funds may not be borrowed by Congress.

Funding for the program would not be open for discussion but, rather it would take in the mathematical caveats including allowing relative function within the current economy for the insured.

While we’re at it, a no borrow clause should be extended to Social Security.

The new, and improved Medicare is governed by, Scientists, Doctors, Nurses, Public Health Advocacies, Hospital Management personnel, etc. with no interaction with any political entity.

How would this board of governors be appointed?  This is the point where I’m still trying to work that out.  How do we keep this out of the hands of legislators who will be compelled to fund it but, have no say so on how it is run?

Addendum:  Free Market – Single Payer:  All Health Insurance Companies would be required to participate or, no longer sell health insurance in the United States.

The premiums would be dictated by, the caveats above as private companies could not be trusted to enable all Americans affordable health care if left to a completely free market.

Feline Teachers

Some of us never thought about animals teaching us life lessons.  I’ve thought about it before but, not too much.  I mean, really.

I’m thinking twice, and more on that now.  Why?

Allow me to digress.  Several years ago, I was sound asleep, and my wife came home late with a gift.

This very tiny white thing on 4 legs went scampering across the bed as I started to awaken ever so slightly.  

I remained drunken with fatigue but, I was quite aware of a mouse or, a rat or, something like that was the household gift. My son joined the party, and I’m determined to get the rat out of my bed as soon as possible if, not sooner.

“What’s wrong with you?  Can’t you see I was asleep, and both of you think this is funny putting a rat or, mouse in my bed?”

They were in hysterics at my expense.  “What about the cat?”  Katie Cat was only a room away, and she did not need to hunt down a rodent in the middle of the night.  Chaos?!  Why couldn’t they leave me out of this whole thing?

Did I mention I was happily asleep?

My wife was visiting a friend who lives on a farm just out of town, and upon returning home, she woke me up with a rodent!

Turns out she had actually brought home another kitten for the household, compliments of her friend.  The new addition was a flame point Siamese kitten. She was so small, and resembled a rodent.

Daisy looked like this one but, she was smaller when we got her about 3 yrs. ago.

I must admit, I was not in favor, and masterminded a kitten return to the farm.  

However, after careful reconsideration (my wife was threatening me with her own departure)  I decided it might be best to  rescind my negative attitude.  I re-thought my carefully crafted plan of return of the kitten to the farm.

My wife had been in want of a Siamese cat after we lost another feline favorite of the household some thirty plus years ago.  

Gabby was a Siamese, and really a favorite but, was sickly.  Even after many attempts to save her, it all predictably caught up with her.  My wife, and I still speak of her.

We’ve now had Daisy for about 3 years, and I swear this is my Zen Cat.  She is in our household for a reason.  I love this cat.  

Don’t misunderstand, Katie has a special place with me but,  strong, positive vibrations indicate Daisy is really trying to tell me something.

Maybe felines have a lot to teach us, and maybe it’s just our inability to tune in properly.

I hope Daisy doesn’t give up on me. 

The ‘N’ Word

I have recently heard that this word is off limits for me but only because, I am Caucasian.  

Those that have placed the word as off limits for me are a group of African-Americans.  Some African-Americans believe they are the only ones with license to use the ‘N’ word but, only amongst themselves.

On the outside of this, I remain extremely offended.  It seems they have given themselves license to insult their descendants.

This is the word, spoken in the meanest tone of voice imaginable to degrade people, and maintain slavery..  It is a demeaning term to the descendants of African-Americans regardless of who speaks the evil.

I was brought up in the 1960’s, and duly informed the ‘N’ word was disallowed in our household.   Never to be spoken or, written.  ‘Negro’ was the correct terminology back then. 

I remember going to the Barber Shop for a haircut at about 11 years of age.  The barbers were joking with each other.  The bantering went back, and forth.  At one point, the bantering included joking about the ‘Ns.’  

My Father immediately took me from the barber’s chair, paid the bill, and finished my haircut at home.  We never went back.

The ‘N’ word which I will not even keyboard in its’ entirety because of its’ past  is highly offensive to me.

The confusion continues as I try to decipher why it’s okay to use a word that is so offensive to an entire group of African-American descendants.

John McCain

A role-model that any elected representative should follow.  This is the person you look to as the role model.

John McCain has empathy.

He can be absolute in his philosophical politics but, always respectful.  While absolute; His mind can be changed through a reasonable discussion.

John McCain should write a book once he’s out of the hospital defeating the cancer which struck only recently.

McCain always respectfully reaches out across the aisle, and therein lies the premise for a book on the art of the deal.  Respect.

John McCain has my respect more than I disrespect Mitch McConnell.  And as I think about it; Why devote any thought to the negative, and Mitch McConnell when I can devote more good thoughts to Senator McCain?

Donald Trump has outlined the art of the deal with a tough guy attitude coupled with when to walk away from the table.


To think, the United States could be enjoying a typical, and usual positive relationship with our international allies if, a true American hero like John McCain was our President we would be highly respected.

I may disagree with Senator McCain on policy at times but, have great respect for him, and can’t wait for his return to the United States Senate.


No Money In The Bank

Going to my bank, I found out that I better add to my account as the balance in my account was lower than I thought.

I can do that but, not today.  A day late, a dollar short may apply.

None the less, after hours last night, the bank was robbed.  Three villains were caught on digital playback.  Faces exposed.

The idiots got nothing.  They had no idea where the cash was located. This was an ill conceived plan that did not pay off for the bad guys.  

Today, the police had already rounded up the trio.  Nothing gained by them except, probably some extra time to think in confinement.

Wait a minute.  It’s a new world out there.  The U.S.A. is being led by Donald Trump.

Trump will have you believe the robbery was not illegal, nor immoral or, incorrect because, the robbery illustrated a buffoonery of a robbery.  They got nothing.

The end result was something ventured, nothing gained.  Therein lies the formula for crime.  

Nothing gained?  Then, there is no crime.