This Is No Way To Participate In Our Democracy

Shooting government representatives is something done in 3rd world countries.  Yet, the U.S.A. has been there several times, and we’ve made it there, again.

A lone gunman unleashed several rounds with an automatic weapon at a congressional baseball practice.

Welcome to the 3rd world.  Again.

There is a congressional charity baseball game scheduled.  Today was practice day, and a gunman was at the Republican practice going on early this morning.

Rep. Steve Scalise was injured as were several others including police officers.  There are no reports of any deaths.

This is no way to get a message across to anybody, and whether I agree or disagree with current legislation on the table, this is not how we handle our democracy.

The person who perpetrated this event is not a hero, and not a legitimate spokesperson for our democracy.

There were heroes in this shooting incident including a woman who, was walking in the vicinity prior to the shooting who noticed a man with a rifle on the street in this residential area.

She became alarmed, ran in to the nearby YMCA to immediately call 911, which could account for the almost immediate arrival of back-up local police to the scene. 

Some of us may be alarmed for major personal losses due to upcoming legislation. Some may be left speechless, and exasperated watching as the country we once knew is evaporating.

It is still, no excuse. This is not the answer.  It’s wrong.  There are only consequences for the gunman.  No rewards.  No influence on legislation.

The police are the heroes.


My Own Accord

My accord is with the Universe.  It does not take my country’s accord or treaty to dictate personal behavior.

Based on my income, I do my part to make my home energy efficient.  My transportation is as good as I can get it so, as to limit, and emit the least amount of poisons out to the Universe, and our planet.  I treat the Universe with respect, and honor.

If there are millions of us completing this task, our country’s accords in tact or, lack of accords will be irrelevant in this context.  

We will accomplish what we need to accomplish to save the planet for ourselves, and the children depending on us.

I would say to current politicians who have children, and grandchildren; Your ineffectiveness or effectiveness will be told by history.  

The children, and grandchildren of politicians who try to politicize the planet’s health will know who did not come to their rescue but, somebody did come to the rescue.

Sadly, the politician in the family is politely pushed aside in future family discussions.  They know there was a member of the family who could have been a hero.  

The family won’t kick themselves in shame nor cast a member of the family in to shame.  Just skip their role altogether.

Think of Royalty, where many years in the future, a Barron has his own family, and skips over conversations of a king in the family from the past.

Good-bye Donald: You & Your Drama Are Fired

Yes Donald; You’re fired from my life.  Your drama is no longer allowed in the building.  

You will have to go it alone without me, and suffer your own consequences for all that you do.  

You don’t own me, and I don’t need you to succeed. 

Once you understand that you don’t need others to grovel at your feet, pretending to admire you will you have your own admiration.

Once you have your own admiration, you’ll realize the admiration is unnecessary for your personal success.


Free To Pursue

Without interruption from outside influences, I have freed myself to pursue what I want to pursue.

Instead of pushing myself in to a place of anger because of what others are or, are not doing, I am going to start making sure I can be the best I can be.

Think about it.  How much anger do I maintain because of the outside world where I have no real control?

Each individual in the world around me is in control of their actions, and thoughts.  I do not have a controlling interest just as they have no control of my thoughts, and actions.

I re-assume total responsibility for my thoughts, and actions.  I do not look outside for something or, someone to blame for my thoughts, and actions.

If I look outside to blame, I begin a spiral of half truths, lies, and cover-ups.  I deceive, and deflect.  I even begin to believe all of this as my own truth.

So, I am first honest with myself, and my family.  The truth continues with friends, foes, and all acquaintances whether personal or, in business.

There will be nothing to uncover about me as the ‘real’ truth is the only truth existing throughout the Universe.

I’ll never have to double back to remember the lies from the truth.  Never will I have to try to remember a deception or, embellish a story, only to create a new story filled with half truths, and lies.

This is the bar I set for myself.  It is not for me to have the same expectations of others.  It is not fair to place this level of expectation on anyone else.  Those expectations are theirs to place on themselves.

Each one of us will set ourselves up for the rewards, and consequences we will live with based on where we set the bar for ourselves, and if we live up to where we set that bar.


This Is Eating Me For Lunch

Help me!  I am being eaten for lunch, all day, every day.

If I don’t put an end to this, nobody else will put an end to it.

I don’t have anybody to blame, and no excuses.  If I’m being eaten for lunch, being had on a daily basis,  I should find someone to blame.  

How about America’s media?  There has to be someone or, something to blame.  

My wife wants to know where I am, and all I can say is; I’m being eaten for lunch 24/7.  

My family is badgering me for answers.  Oh, I know.  I certainly can’t body slam my family but, the questions keep on.

Who else jumps on board?  My son with the same questions.  Where am I disappearing?  Damn family keeps asking the same questions every time I see them.

My disappearance is typically because the politicians in this country are incapable, imperfect foolish brats, and they are consuming me with their outright stupidity, and again with the questions!!!!  And I have to write about it.

I’m just going to body slam my son.  No more questions.

I have learned from Greg Gianforte a lack of self control is acceptable behavior. Montana exit polling of voters gave Gianforte points for strength! Thank you, Greg.

There will assuredly be no body slams here.  It would not be a sign of strength, I actually don’t have the strength, and I have more self control.

I guess I won’t be moving to Montana because, it seems that according to those few exit polls of voters in Montana, being a bully is a sign of strength, and it’s how they’re bringing up their kids.  

Further, it’s okay to tell a lie in Montana.  When, and if witnesses counter your story then, and only then do you offer a well rehearsed, quick, under the breath apology.  

These are Republicans supposedly representing family values.  I do realize, not all Montana residents agree with the few interviewed after voting.

By the way, Gianforte at the suggestion of Paul Ryan made a ‘heartfelt’ apology. The apology escaped his lips with a murmur.  Before the mumbled apology had a period on the end of it, one of his supporters yelled out, ‘you’re forgiven.’

I guess the forgiveness was given in the name of party politics, not because of a wrongful act.

Forgiven?  Yes.  What about the example it shows children?  Is it simply just okay as long as it’s for the win?  While forgiven, aren’t children allowed to see the bar set higher by a public figure?  

Greg, Donald, and a cast of characters will be in my best thoughts as they need forgiveness, and mercy, not contempt.  Their actions are theirs, and they are actions they will ultimately have to be facing the consequences.

They have been teachers for me.  What not to do in life when I have only me to blame for my actions.  

Greg Gianforte, Donald Trump, and his cast of characters no longer have access to me for their around the clock meal.

It was never about them.  It was always about my response to them.

In order to accomplish not being eaten for lunch, I am going to leave you to MSNBC, FOX, newspapers left, right, and everywhere in between to get you proper information.  It is, and always has been ‘real news’ with a spin.  It is up to you to digest it as you will.

It was falsely called, ‘fake news’ only as Donald Trump came on to the political scene, and whether unknowingly or knowingly was following the Russian Intelligence play book to cause the general public to turn on its’ own free press as a strategic way to furnish alternative supporting facts whenever the ‘fake news’  does not support the regime.

I leave this venue of writing to give me a new found freedom.  It won’t be easy but, I need to rediscover who I am, and not who I am based on someone else.

This blog is not going away.  It’s just getting back where it once was.  

Rather than being eaten for lunch, I think I’ll be eating lunch…..with the family.

The Universal ledger of Cause, & Effect is flawless, and must always be in perfect balance.

Donald Trump Will Be Proud

Greg Gianforte, the Republican candidate for Congress in Montana is running in a special election to fill a Congressional seat.

What does Gianforte think of the latest health care bill with the improved numbers from the Congressional Budget Office?  

The newest version of the bill is designed to throw only 23 million off of health care rather than the previous 24 million.

A reporter tried to ask Gianforte’s opinion on the new CBO rating.

Rather than answer, it seems the candidate resorted to a strong arm act of violence on the reporter.  To think a reporter held a recording device up to the candidate’s lips for an answer.

The candidate body slammed the reporter to the floor.

Something finally broke the usual patented Donald Trump scowl.  I’ll bet that frown was turned upside down, while Trump probably smiled with pride that his campaign pep rally dissidents were physically moved out, and a fellow Republican is following Trump’s example.

Trump is a traitor to his own core base, and they stay.  Little to no to negative change is coming for the common worker as Trump helps to turn the screws.

One thing unknown is the Montana Republican candidate’s opinion of the CBO rating.

Dems & Repubs or Russia?

Dems, and Repubs aligned but, combined for our Constitutional Democracy or, one nation under Russia. That’s the choice.   

The USA’s 2020 President may not be fairly elected.  The 2020 President of the USA may be quite familiar.  A puppet.  An American but, a puppet complete with strings to a puppeteer in Moscow.

How could this happen?  Vladimir Putin found a willing playmate to assist Americans to play right in to the Vladimir Putin play book.

Some of the characterizations of the Putin play book include but, are not limited to the following description.

  1.  Target the free press.  Use the term, ‘fake news’ to describe every news story that is non-supporting.  Do not deviate from the practice as the general public will begin, and finally turn on their own free media.  Create an alternative fact volume to contrast any ‘fake news.’

  2. Rise above any one theology, thought or, group, and become a beloved personality.  Promise the Promised Land, promise everything to everyone.  You don’t have to deliver once arriving.

  3. Create extreme divisiveness between factions within a country by, incorporating the steps below.

  4. Create chaos.  Create enhanced hatred amongst factions of democratic societies.

  5. Infiltrate via social media.  Plant ‘fake news.’  Shift from subject matter, and bully with racial, religious epitaphs in comments.

  6. Enhance personal relationships with foreigners to incorporate as cooperating agent.

Those are just a few characterizations taken from Russian Intelligence papers generally available to anyone willing to look for them.

Judging from the above, wouldn’t you say, far, and wide, the USA is playing right in to this play book?

Look at the comment pages on any place from Youtube to Facebook to Twitter.  

Many bullying comments leaving subject matter way behind in favor of a change to who could insult who with the deepest stab wounds.  

Those are the trolls for the Russian government.  They may not even realize it but, they are catering to, and assisting Vladimir Putin.

So, while we may align with one political party or, another, Vladimir Putin is playing us in preparation for puppet strings pulled from Moscow.

Many Americans are playing directly out of the Russian play book to insure our democracy is brought down with other democracies around the world.

Thanks to worldwide intel, the French people would not bow to the Russians as we bowed.  Putin wanted Trump, and got him.  Look how well the play book worked for Donald Trump.  By contrast in France, Putin’s intended new president was defeated as the French public was paying attention, and keenly aware of Russia’s desires.

Personally, I couldn’t support either candidate in our last election but, how much of that was spoiled successfully by the Putin Play book?

The point is; Are we going to come together as Republicans, and Democrats combined or, as one under Vladimir Putin, and a Russian regime pulling the strings in Washington?  After all, Putin has found more willing play mates in the USA than he has in France.

This paves the way for a Vladimir Putin victory in the USA 2018 elections!