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It is important for me to establish a daily mantra for myself.  It is my day written out in a few short words, and identifies me.

I don’t need to dwell on it or, speak it more than once out loud.  Just have to let it become me!

I am happily

Pixaby seagull-2349031__340

 awake, & vibrant!

This is my start for the day!……..And it becomes my day!

Have you ever gone in to work, and the initial conversation is all about being tired?  The usual reply is not only lending impetus to that assertion but, taking some on for yourself.  ‘Yes, I’m tired, too!’

After that discussion, fatigue still exists between the conversation’s participants, and permeates each.  Each has given themselves license to be tired.  That person or, this person is tired….like me.  We’re all tired, and it is the fatigue that gains momentum, and dominates over each of us.

Get this.  Even if you’re not really tired but, habitually participate in a seemingly harmless conversational scenario; You will become part of the prevailing energy you have caused.  You will come to believe that about, yourself.  It will be the truth.

With the permission you have granted, this tiredness spreads like an unchecked disease impeding any productivity.

So, let’s not.

Going to work tomorrow, and approached with a ‘status quo tired greeting,’ why not try the mantra above as your reply?

Two of the Laws of the Universe in play include,
The Law of Attraction, and The Law of Cause & Effect.

Tired would be a negative because, according to the Law of Attraction, tired attracts more tired.  That is not what I want for myself every waking hour of every day.

Later in the day, I am still happy, awake, and vibrant, and looking forward to a nap to continue to be awake, and vibrant.

Not once do I mention or think about being tired.  If the thought tries to creep in, I once again remember my mantra for the day, and look forward to a nap in a relatively short time to rejuvenate that mantra as my identity for the day.

The nap is another positive that will aid in rejuvenating the qualities necessary for that, which I am.

I am happily awake, & vibrant!

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