Pep Rally In The Rose Garden

“How do you think I’m doin?  I got no experience in politics, and I’m President!”  This is what the President was asking the gathering of legislative constituents consisting of old, quite affluent white men.  

Why have a pep rally?  The House just voted thumbs up on the President’s endorsed health care bill.

They won!!!!  They got a legislative win in Congress.  It doesn’t become law.  It goes to the Senate.  Then it goes to Conference, and reconciliation.  Once the Senate votes to pass the bill in its’ newest form, it goes back to the House for a vote.   All of that approved, and the bill becomes law.

They got a runner on first.  In doing so…..a pep rally.

What was the pep rally all about then?  Trump, in his own mind hit a homerun.

That was not reality of course because, what he got was a walk to first.  That’s it.  Nobody on, and a lonely walk to first.  He was the only base runner, and the first inning is now over.

What healthcare bill?  The added notes of stupidity continue as Congressmen were asked if they read the bill.  After all, they voted for the bill.  Some rushed past reporters leaving their shoes behind.  The most ridiculous of responses after voting on a bill affecting millions of Americans were: “I just got back from baseball practice” to “That’s what I have staff for.”

Neither of those remarks were called for, no matter where you live politically.  It tells you how important it is for them to represent you.  They were mocking scrutiny.  They were daring us to respond.

With all of this, the Democrats showed no respect for the House, itself as their “Na Na, Hey Hey, Goodbye” was uncalled for at the end of the vote.  The general population will make their likes, and dislikes known at the appropriate time.


It’s A Christmas Who

Merry Christmas!!  Happy Hanukah!  (There’s a red underline…I always get it wrong!  Maybe 2 n’s or perhaps 2 k’s.  I need to do this right!) Hanukkah!  Did some homework! 

The 1st glimpse of a new Who episode since last season ended, and Clara gone.  Wonder if Bill makes her grand entrance, tonight?

The Doctor, who has been absent returns after quite a long hiatus!  

The Doctor Who Christmas Special premieres tonight on BBC-America for those of us dwelling across the water from home base.

Looking forward, and Who will be in some theaters before too long?!  A full length movie?

All well, and good but, can we get some official start time for the new season of Doctor Who?  Maybe, just maybe we’ll get that info. tonight during the breaks?????

 Happy Holidays!  And to all a Happy New Who!


Is There Enough Sanity To Go Around?

Is it possible there are degrees of sanity?  Where is the line drawn?  

My television viewing habits by my own standard have me questioning all of it.

I have watched several episodes of the new BBC-America show,   
Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency.     

This show is hilarious, and comes from a a 1987 book by, Douglas Adams. 

The writers, and everyone else connected with this show must have a degree of insanity.  They have actors, and actresses to pull characters off from the depths of craziness.  The crew must have crossed the lines as well.

What does that say about me, the viewer?  It’s scary because by liking this show, it scares me to think I could be from the same stock.

Then I began thinking maybe these people see it differently.  What if they are all perfectly sane?  What if they truly believe that about themselves?

What if, they’re right?  What if, this show represents sanity in the best fashion?  What if, I am the one who has lost it with this show being the best representation of the definition of the ‘new’ sanity?

A Heavenly Doctor Who

This Doctor Who season is winding down with the finale next week.  This week’s story was, ‘Heaven Sent’ with the finale being ‘Hell Bent.’

Why ‘Heaven Sent?’  It appears The Doctor was sent to a personal ‘hell.’  He was apparently  sent there by, Ashildr who is believed to be evil, and responsible in his eyes for Clara’s demise. 

To look at Ashildr (Me) she may appear to be at first sight, anything but evil.

The story has Me forcing the Doctor’s transport to this castle we see as the Doctor’s interrogation room.

I cannot say enough about Peter Capaldi.  He is an excellent actor, continuing to add dimension not seen until now to the Doctor’s character.

This was a classy production for me.  Capaldi’s acting, the camera work, editing for the final cut, and the supporting music.  It all added up to an episode I’ve watched three times, and will watch again. 

This episode leaves me with many questions.  Hopefully some are answered in the finale but, I expect some more will linger through to next season.

On a scale of 0-100, this one gets a 101!

Clara Dies

Clara Oswald is dead.

No!  No! No!  I will miss Clara’s character.

We are getting close to the end of this season, and Clara is gone.

Many other bloggers have eloquently given their descriptions of ‘Face The Raven.’  Some have gone scene to scene with vivid descriptions complete with Spoilers.

It seems as though Clara has died.  At least we are led to believe it but, Doctor Who is not the series to believe the believable.  After all, we were led to believe Jenna Coleman’s character would last appear in the Dr. Who Christmas Special.

Perhaps the Doctor will travel to a different point in time to make contact in-person but, never the two can meet for one reason or, another.  I.E.  Rose.

I digress.  Why will I miss Clara?  She has been smart.  She gave the Doctor opportunities to re-examine his own psyche.

There are times the Doctor’s character is reckless without thinking of all of the possible consequences.  During these times, it was Clara who pushed him to think.  She pushed the envelope with him because she cared about him so much.

 Some have said Clara had come off as bossy.  I have not found that on my list of truths.  This is not to say that Clara couldn’t have back stepped several times as the Doctor evolved with more thought to circumstance.

I liken it to a plug in to electricity.  The Doctor is that plug but, Clara is the third prong.  The grounding influence, and stops at nothing to maintain that ground for his sake.

Jenna Coleman, and Peter Capaldi have worked well together but, I look forward to meeting the Doctor’s new companion who has not yet been seen on Doctor Who to this point.  Supposedly someone brand new.

Clara’s character has been very well portrayed by, Jenna Coleman who has elected to move on for new entries on to her resume.


Who Sang Mr. Sandman?

Last week’s Doctor Who had us awake as the need for sleep was minimally necessary. 

Sleep had been overcome with a simple rewire of the brain by simply lying down in a sleep pod.  A few minutes of sleep would suffice in place of what we know as a full month’s worth of sleep.

Nature had been overcome in the name of productivity.  If memory recalls, we had been taken to the 38th century.  Maybe the 28th, and I admit maybe not remembering but, that could be due to a lack of sleep.

Watching over me through every waking moment was sleep dust.  Sleep dust?  The particles that gather in the corners of your eyes.

Sleep dust brushed aside by the entire  population led the way to a new civilization of live  sleep dust.  Watching every waking moment.

That episode of The Doctor will be aired tonight before the new episode of Doctor Who on BBC-America.

Some of us may be sleeping so, make sure the DVR is ready.

The song, Mr. Sandman?  The song was made popular in 1954 by, The Chordettes, and recorded numerous times by a number of different recording artists.

Bom, bom, bom, etc.

Can’t We Let Zygons Be Zygons?

Another 2 part Doctor Who concluded last Saturday night.

This was the best Who so far, this season.  At least for me it was the best of season.

What an incredible script!  This story line took on the question as to whether the human race should be trusted as the custodians of negotiating a peaceful planet. 

The script showed that we have the capabilities necessary to oversee a just, peaceful planet but, asks us to examine if we’re willing.

The script gives us a probable, ‘no’ as the Doctor answers an inquiry regarding a lack of understanding as to just how to accomplish a negotiated peace.  To paraphrase an exasperated Doctor, ‘What’s wrong with you people?; You just talk!’

While Peter Capaldi has been solid as the Doctor, this script was one that  showcased the epitome of his supreme acting skills.