Pardon Me

It is time to do some work on some clarification of Presidential Pardons.  

I’m convinced the work needs to be done immediately if not sooner.  Time for mass restrictions on the Presidential pardons.

As we may about to be uncovering one of the greatest crimes at the top level in the nation’s history, we are about to see gross misuse of the President’s ability to pardon some or, all involved pardoned from their crimes just because, they can be pardoned by, the President. 

Are we or, are we not a nation of laws?  We are suppose to be a nation of laws where we often proclaim, “No one is above the law.”

Why is it then, that our President is allowed to operate above the law by, allowing others to operate on the wrong side of the law, and sometimes profit absurd amounts of money at the expense of someone else who might be less fortunate?

Due to their prominence or status in society, they simply get pardoned with no consequences to suffer for their wrong doing.  It may have nothing to do with prominence or, status.  Maybe it is simply a personal friend or, acquaintance of the President.

If I don’t fit as one of those puzzle pieces, and committed the same crime,  I will have to suffer all the consequences.

I’m not wealthy but, could not conceive of committing any crime nor, could I put anybody else in jeopardy for financial gain.  It would be an insult to my parents, and especially my Father.

If I am to be wealthy, it will not be a stipend from my parents as they both died many years ago.

I recognize the many financial mistakes I’ve made but, as of right now, they are gone.  They don’t matter any more.   

I’m left to do it on my own.  I’ve tried a million times, a million ways.  There are times I could have done better with better choices.  

By choice, I made it to here, and as a senior citizen I’m grateful because I still have time to try.

Now, I’ll have lots of room to enjoy my success.  Without a stipend, and inside the law.