Why Trump Continues To Fail

Why is it, the President of the United States continues to fail?

Donald Trump knows nothing about, the art of the deal.

In a true Trump dictatorship, I would be beheaded for such a characterization of the Lord.  I would have taken the Lord’s name in vain.  Lord Trump.  A false Lord but, by the time it is recognized as true by the majority of the populace, it’s too late.

Give me your tired, poor, and huddled masses has no meaning to these backward Christians.  They call it Christianity but, that’s a misnomer as the only belief allowed on this land is, Lord Trump’s gospel of greed.

A man who received a major stipend from his fortunate father.  Without that stipend there would be no Lord Trump.  The stipend was so large, Donald Trump had no choice but, to remain a rich man.  

It was not really known whether Trump blew the stipend, amassed a great deal of debt, and was possibly living a facade on borrowed money.  Perhaps, at least in this case, there is no ‘art of the deal.’

He had much of what money could buy but, had an ego that demanded much more…

Trump made it to President of the United States.  He couldn’t stop nor, did he consider he could fail.  Before his term as President ended he canceled the election as his ego could not accept even the possibility of a loss.

Instead; He became Lord Trump but, many refused to have a false Lord before them.  It was clear, the Lordship of Trump had no control over the Universe built, and created by something greater than Trump himself.

The true Lord of the Universe prevailed, and Donald Trump found himself at a loss, subservient to something greater, better, and mightier than Donald Trump who folded like a bad poker hand.

The Universe would always have the upper hand.