Feline Teachers

Some of us never thought about animals teaching us life lessons.  I’ve thought about it before but, not too much.  I mean, really.

I’m thinking twice, and more on that now.  Why?

Allow me to digress.  Several years ago, I was sound asleep, and my wife came home late with a gift.

This very tiny white thing on 4 legs went scampering across the bed as I started to awaken ever so slightly.  

I remained drunken with fatigue but, I was quite aware of a mouse or, a rat or, something like that was the household gift. My son joined the party, and I’m determined to get the rat out of my bed as soon as possible if, not sooner.

“What’s wrong with you?  Can’t you see I was asleep, and both of you think this is funny putting a rat or, mouse in my bed?”

They were in hysterics at my expense.  “What about the cat?”  Katie Cat was only a room away, and she did not need to hunt down a rodent in the middle of the night.  Chaos?!  Why couldn’t they leave me out of this whole thing?

Did I mention I was happily asleep?

My wife was visiting a friend who lives on a farm just out of town, and upon returning home, she woke me up with a rodent!

Turns out she had actually brought home another kitten for the household, compliments of her friend.  The new addition was a flame point Siamese kitten. She was so small, and resembled a rodent.

Daisy looked like this one but, she was smaller when we got her about 3 yrs. ago.

I must admit, I was not in favor, and masterminded a kitten return to the farm.  

However, after careful reconsideration (my wife was threatening me with her own departure)  I decided it might be best to  rescind my negative attitude.  I re-thought my carefully crafted plan of return of the kitten to the farm.

My wife had been in want of a Siamese cat after we lost another feline favorite of the household some thirty plus years ago.  

Gabby was a Siamese, and really a favorite but, was sickly.  Even after many attempts to save her, it all predictably caught up with her.  My wife, and I still speak of her.

We’ve now had Daisy for about 3 years, and I swear this is my Zen Cat.  She is in our household for a reason.  I love this cat.  

Don’t misunderstand, Katie has a special place with me but,  strong, positive vibrations indicate Daisy is really trying to tell me something.

Maybe felines have a lot to teach us, and maybe it’s just our inability to tune in properly.

I hope Daisy doesn’t give up on me.