The ‘N’ Word

I have recently heard that this word is off limits for me but only because, I am Caucasian.  

Those that have placed the word as off limits for me are a group of African-Americans.  Some African-Americans believe they are the only ones with license to use the ‘N’ word but, only amongst themselves.

On the outside of this, I remain extremely offended.  It seems they have given themselves license to insult their descendants.

This is the word, spoken in the meanest tone of voice imaginable to degrade people, and maintain slavery..  It is a demeaning term to the descendants of African-Americans regardless of who speaks the evil.

I was brought up in the 1960’s, and duly informed the ‘N’ word was disallowed in our household.   Never to be spoken or, written.  ‘Negro’ was the correct terminology back then. 

I remember going to the Barber Shop for a haircut at about 11 years of age.  The barbers were joking with each other.  The bantering went back, and forth.  At one point, the bantering included joking about the ‘Ns.’  

My Father immediately took me from the barber’s chair, paid the bill, and finished my haircut at home.  We never went back.

The ‘N’ word which I will not even keyboard in its’ entirety because of its’ past  is highly offensive to me.

The confusion continues as I try to decipher why it’s okay to use a word that is so offensive to an entire group of African-American descendants.