John McCain

A role-model that any elected representative should follow.  This is the person you look to as the role model.

John McCain has empathy.

He can be absolute in his philosophical politics but, always respectful.  While absolute; His mind can be changed through a reasonable discussion.

John McCain should write a book once he’s out of the hospital defeating the cancer which struck only recently.

McCain always respectfully reaches out across the aisle, and therein lies the premise for a book on the art of the deal.  Respect.

John McCain has my respect more than I disrespect Mitch McConnell.  And as I think about it; Why devote any thought to the negative, and Mitch McConnell when I can devote more good thoughts to Senator McCain?

Donald Trump has outlined the art of the deal with a tough guy attitude coupled with when to walk away from the table.


To think, the United States could be enjoying a typical, and usual positive relationship with our international allies if, a true American hero like John McCain was our President we would be highly respected.

I may disagree with Senator McCain on policy at times but, have great respect for him, and can’t wait for his return to the United States Senate.