No Money In The Bank

Going to my bank, I found out that I better add to my account as the balance in my account was lower than I thought.

I can do that but, not today.  A day late, a dollar short may apply.

None the less, after hours last night, the bank was robbed.  Three villains were caught on digital playback.  Faces exposed.

The idiots got nothing.  They had no idea where the cash was located. This was an ill conceived plan that did not pay off for the bad guys.  

Today, the police had already rounded up the trio.  Nothing gained by them except, probably some extra time to think in confinement.

Wait a minute.  It’s a new world out there.  The U.S.A. is being led by Donald Trump.

Trump will have you believe the robbery was not illegal, nor immoral or, incorrect because, the robbery illustrated a buffoonery of a robbery.  They got nothing.

The end result was something ventured, nothing gained.  Therein lies the formula for crime.  

Nothing gained?  Then, there is no crime.