The Witch Hunt Is Over

Let me be the first to inform the misinformed Godfather of the Trump Family that the witch hunt is over.  Oh, wait….there never was a witch hunt.  

To the naive, to the uninformed there may be an on-going witch hunt.  

To the rest of us, and there are many of us who hold our Constitutional Democracy in the highest esteem.  We are more interested in country over political partisanship.

 There have been irregularities to say the least, attacking the American Constitution from outside sources.  Most probably, Russia.

Those allegations even being a possibility, I would expect my elected officials would want to get to the bottom of that possibility to insure that there is no way for it to happen, again if indeed, that is what happened.

I would never expect the President of the United States to be impeding any investigation of those possibilities.

I would have never thought the leading member of the United States Senate would stand in the way based on his perceived view of his political party taking precedence over the United States Democracy.   

When the President resists investigating any possibility of an attack on our country, it is once again to say the least, troubling, and questions do arise.

When the President resists, there are questions.  Why is the President resisting an investigation?  What is he hiding?

Specifically, for Mr. Trump this is not a witch hunt, it is a continuing investigation wherever the facts may lead.  

As the President says, it’s “very sad.”  

Due to Trump’s naiveté, lack of comprehension, and misinformation, all real facts seem to be leading directly toward Donald Trump.

Donald Trump is all about, the victimization of Donald Trump with no second thoughts to what is best for the United States.  No thought whatsoever to the status of the United States within the International Community.  

The United States Presidency is just another job poorly executed to add to the list of jobs not so well done in a lifetime under the Trump namesake.  

It appears as the current investigation concludes, there will be an appropriate dismissal.

I am sure at that time, the printed press will many times over be right on it, with that headline bringing so much delight to this President’s life; “You’re Fired!”