Maine Governor Contributes Phony News

Maine Governor Paul LePage, has admitted he purposely misleads the press out of spite.  

LePage was quoted by, multiple sources as saying; “Society will be better off without the printed press.”  

Maybe he would be better off without the printed press.  

We have a document that LePage should study.  It’s called the U.S. Constitution which guarantees freedom of the press.  

I suggest the printed press keep publishing any news directly from the Governor by his own admission as ‘possibly unreliable.’ 

LePage is a Republican, and seems to be eagerly displaying the same juvenile behavior as an apparent mentor occupying the White House. 

Should he desire a role in a country where the press is handled through one source, and that would be the government he would probably enjoy Russia.

He could try Russia.  Vladimir Putin has final say so on all news presented, and the only news given to the  public.  That would be regardless of authenticity.