Who’s Who On Who?

Tonight, July 1st is the season finale of Doctor Who on BBC-America, and Peter Capaldi’s final stand as The Doctor.

The re-generation begins as Capaldi in his last stand as the Doctor tries to resist the regeneration, with an exclamation; “Not again.  I don’t want to change, again.”  And the story ends there until the Christmas Special.

Before I go hunting for spoilers revealing who will be the new Doctor, I’ve got some observations.

Have you noticed that Missy has apparently mended her relationship with the Doctor because, in some weird way she will become the final Doctor.

I realize this is odd because a new regeneration method would have to take place, and that would be tough to digest.  Besides, Missy is best at being Missy.  Missy needs to maintain a certain brand of meaningful Missy Meanness.

Will Missy no longer be Missy as the original Master is set to return?  If that’s the case, does the former returning Master have the same Missy mended relationship with the Doctor?

No.  Never mind,  this really isn’t working out for me.  I don’t know Who will be the next Who on Who.  I mean really……Who knows?  Who might not….