Confession: I Used To Be A News Junkie

TV News has been a favorite in my life, morning, noon, and night.

As I’ve said before; I am proud of the free press we have in the U.S.A.  They do bring us the real news, and most often with a twist or, a spin.  

I credit myself as smart enough to know when the news is being spun with a partisan view.  I get it but at the core is, the real news.

What is dangerous to any free society is when the government discredits that country’s free press, and people believe it.  It is a danger when a country’s leader proclaims that only he/she is the purveyor of the only true news, and more dangerous is when the public takes that leader at his/her word.   

There seems to be a real problem when the mainstream becomes figuratively in a marriage of blind bliss, and adoration of a Prime Minister, Dictator or, President regardless of that leader’s support for country first.

The terminology for ‘fake news’ comes from a Russian Intel document.  It is part of the Russian strategy to bring down democracies.  That is why I became alarmed with Trump using the same terminology in an attempt to turn the people against a free press.  Beware.  Trump has been somewhat successful.

I’m watching less news than I have in the past.  It can be a source of negative vibration if allowed.  I was allowing all the news I was reviewing to become a strong negative vibration which is not where I want to be located.

On the other hand, each of us should stay informed but, watching the news every waking hour is just a bit much.

My suggestion:  Watch the news with a spin that complements your own as long as you recognize the news story from the spin.  Don’t make the news a source of anxiety.

FOX, MSNBC, and CNN all have a spin that could work in your specific favor.

I’m converted from every waking hour to about 2 hours daily at most.  If I notice it is becoming too much of an anxiety for my own good, I’m done in less time.  

I’ve been liking HGTV more, and more.