This Is No Way To Participate In Our Democracy

Shooting government representatives is something done in 3rd world countries.  Yet, the U.S.A. has been there several times, and we’ve made it there, again.

A lone gunman unleashed several rounds with an automatic weapon at a congressional baseball practice.

Welcome to the 3rd world.  Again.

There is a congressional charity baseball game scheduled.  Today was practice day, and a gunman was at the Republican practice going on early this morning.

Rep. Steve Scalise was injured as were several others including police officers.  There are no reports of any deaths.

This is no way to get a message across to anybody, and whether I agree or disagree with current legislation on the table, this is not how we handle our democracy.

The person who perpetrated this event is not a hero, and not a legitimate spokesperson for our democracy.

There were heroes in this shooting incident including a woman who, was walking in the vicinity prior to the shooting who noticed a man with a rifle on the street in this residential area.

She became alarmed, ran in to the nearby YMCA to immediately call 911, which could account for the almost immediate arrival of back-up local police to the scene. 

Some of us may be alarmed for major personal losses due to upcoming legislation. Some may be left speechless, and exasperated watching as the country we once knew is evaporating.

It is still, no excuse. This is not the answer.  It’s wrong.  There are only consequences for the gunman.  No rewards.  No influence on legislation.

The police are the heroes.