My Own Accord

My accord is with the Universe.  It does not take my country’s accord or treaty to dictate personal behavior.

Based on my income, I do my part to make my home energy efficient.  My transportation is as good as I can get it so, as to limit, and emit the least amount of poisons out to the Universe, and our planet.  I treat the Universe with respect, and honor.

If there are millions of us completing this task, our country’s accords in tact or, lack of accords will be irrelevant in this context.  

We will accomplish what we need to accomplish to save the planet for ourselves, and the children depending on us.

I would say to current politicians who have children, and grandchildren; Your ineffectiveness or effectiveness will be told by history.  

The children, and grandchildren of politicians who try to politicize the planet’s health will know who did not come to their rescue but, somebody did come to the rescue.

Sadly, the politician in the family is politely pushed aside in future family discussions.  They know there was a member of the family who could have been a hero.  

The family won’t kick themselves in shame nor cast a member of the family in to shame.  Just skip their role altogether.

Think of Royalty, where many years in the future, a Barron has his own family, and skips over conversations of a king in the family from the past.