Free To Pursue

Without interruption from outside influences, I have freed myself to pursue what I want to pursue.

Instead of pushing myself in to a place of anger because of what others are or, are not doing, I am going to start making sure I can be the best I can be.

Think about it.  How much anger do I maintain because of the outside world where I have no real control?

Each individual in the world around me is in control of their actions, and thoughts.  I do not have a controlling interest just as they have no control of my thoughts, and actions.

I re-assume total responsibility for my thoughts, and actions.  I do not look outside for something or, someone to blame for my thoughts, and actions.

If I look outside to blame, I begin a spiral of half truths, lies, and cover-ups.  I deceive, and deflect.  I even begin to believe all of this as my own truth.

So, I am first honest with myself, and my family.  The truth continues with friends, foes, and all acquaintances whether personal or, in business.

There will be nothing to uncover about me as the ‘real’ truth is the only truth existing throughout the Universe.

I’ll never have to double back to remember the lies from the truth.  Never will I have to try to remember a deception or, embellish a story, only to create a new story filled with half truths, and lies.

This is the bar I set for myself.  It is not for me to have the same expectations of others.  It is not fair to place this level of expectation on anyone else.  Those expectations are theirs to place on themselves.

Each one of us will set ourselves up for the rewards, and consequences we will live with based on where we set the bar for ourselves, and if we live up to where we set that bar.