This Is Eating Me For Lunch

Help me!  I am being eaten for lunch, all day, every day.

If I don’t put an end to this, nobody else will put an end to it.

I don’t have anybody to blame, and no excuses.  If I’m being eaten for lunch, being had on a daily basis,  I should find someone to blame.  

How about America’s media?  There has to be someone or, something to blame.  

My wife wants to know where I am, and all I can say is; I’m being eaten for lunch 24/7.  

My family is badgering me for answers.  Oh, I know.  I certainly can’t body slam my family but, the questions keep on.

Who else jumps on board?  My son with the same questions.  Where am I disappearing?  Damn family keeps asking the same questions every time I see them.

My disappearance is typically because the politicians in this country are incapable, imperfect foolish brats, and they are consuming me with their outright stupidity, and again with the questions!!!!  And I have to write about it.

I’m just going to body slam my son.  No more questions.

I have learned from Greg Gianforte a lack of self control is acceptable behavior. Montana exit polling of voters gave Gianforte points for strength! Thank you, Greg.

There will assuredly be no body slams here.  It would not be a sign of strength, I actually don’t have the strength, and I have more self control.

I guess I won’t be moving to Montana because, it seems that according to those few exit polls of voters in Montana, being a bully is a sign of strength, and it’s how they’re bringing up their kids.  

Further, it’s okay to tell a lie in Montana.  When, and if witnesses counter your story then, and only then do you offer a well rehearsed, quick, under the breath apology.  

These are Republicans supposedly representing family values.  I do realize, not all Montana residents agree with the few interviewed after voting.

By the way, Gianforte at the suggestion of Paul Ryan made a ‘heartfelt’ apology. The apology escaped his lips with a murmur.  Before the mumbled apology had a period on the end of it, one of his supporters yelled out, ‘you’re forgiven.’

I guess the forgiveness was given in the name of party politics, not because of a wrongful act.

Forgiven?  Yes.  What about the example it shows children?  Is it simply just okay as long as it’s for the win?  While forgiven, aren’t children allowed to see the bar set higher by a public figure?  

Greg, Donald, and a cast of characters will be in my best thoughts as they need forgiveness, and mercy, not contempt.  Their actions are theirs, and they are actions they will ultimately have to be facing the consequences.

They have been teachers for me.  What not to do in life when I have only me to blame for my actions.  

Greg Gianforte, Donald Trump, and his cast of characters no longer have access to me for their around the clock meal.

It was never about them.  It was always about my response to them.

In order to accomplish not being eaten for lunch, I am going to leave you to MSNBC, FOX, newspapers left, right, and everywhere in between to get you proper information.  It is, and always has been ‘real news’ with a spin.  It is up to you to digest it as you will.

It was falsely called, ‘fake news’ only as Donald Trump came on to the political scene, and whether unknowingly or knowingly was following the Russian Intelligence play book to cause the general public to turn on its’ own free press as a strategic way to furnish alternative supporting facts whenever the ‘fake news’  does not support the regime.

I leave this venue of writing to give me a new found freedom.  It won’t be easy but, I need to rediscover who I am, and not who I am based on someone else.

This blog is not going away.  It’s just getting back where it once was.  

Rather than being eaten for lunch, I think I’ll be eating lunch…..with the family.

The Universal ledger of Cause, & Effect is flawless, and must always be in perfect balance.