Donald Trump Will Be Proud

Greg Gianforte, the Republican candidate for Congress in Montana is running in a special election to fill a Congressional seat.

What does Gianforte think of the latest health care bill with the improved numbers from the Congressional Budget Office?  

The newest version of the bill is designed to throw only 23 million off of health care rather than the previous 24 million.

A reporter tried to ask Gianforte’s opinion on the new CBO rating.

Rather than answer, it seems the candidate resorted to a strong arm act of violence on the reporter.  To think a reporter held a recording device up to the candidate’s lips for an answer.

The candidate body slammed the reporter to the floor.

Something finally broke the usual patented Donald Trump scowl.  I’ll bet that frown was turned upside down, while Trump probably smiled with pride that his campaign pep rally dissidents were physically moved out, and a fellow Republican is following Trump’s example.

Trump is a traitor to his own core base, and they stay.  Little to no to negative change is coming for the common worker as Trump helps to turn the screws.

One thing unknown is the Montana Republican candidate’s opinion of the CBO rating.