Dems & Repubs or Russia?

Dems, and Repubs aligned but, combined for our Constitutional Democracy or, one nation under Russia. That’s the choice.   

The USA’s 2020 President may not be fairly elected.  The 2020 President of the USA may be quite familiar.  A puppet.  An American but, a puppet complete with strings to a puppeteer in Moscow.

How could this happen?  Vladimir Putin found a willing playmate to assist Americans to play right in to the Vladimir Putin play book.

Some of the characterizations of the Putin play book include but, are not limited to the following description.

  1.  Target the free press.  Use the term, ‘fake news’ to describe every news story that is non-supporting.  Do not deviate from the practice as the general public will begin, and finally turn on their own free media.  Create an alternative fact volume to contrast any ‘fake news.’

  2. Rise above any one theology, thought or, group, and become a beloved personality.  Promise the Promised Land, promise everything to everyone.  You don’t have to deliver once arriving.

  3. Create extreme divisiveness between factions within a country by, incorporating the steps below.

  4. Create chaos.  Create enhanced hatred amongst factions of democratic societies.

  5. Infiltrate via social media.  Plant ‘fake news.’  Shift from subject matter, and bully with racial, religious epitaphs in comments.

  6. Enhance personal relationships with foreigners to incorporate as cooperating agent.

Those are just a few characterizations taken from Russian Intelligence papers generally available to anyone willing to look for them.

Judging from the above, wouldn’t you say, far, and wide, the USA is playing right in to this play book?

Look at the comment pages on any place from Youtube to Facebook to Twitter.  

Many bullying comments leaving subject matter way behind in favor of a change to who could insult who with the deepest stab wounds.  

Those are the trolls for the Russian government.  They may not even realize it but, they are catering to, and assisting Vladimir Putin.

So, while we may align with one political party or, another, Vladimir Putin is playing us in preparation for puppet strings pulled from Moscow.

Many Americans are playing directly out of the Russian play book to insure our democracy is brought down with other democracies around the world.

Thanks to worldwide intel, the French people would not bow to the Russians as we bowed.  Putin wanted Trump, and got him.  Look how well the play book worked for Donald Trump.  By contrast in France, Putin’s intended new president was defeated as the French public was paying attention, and keenly aware of Russia’s desires.

Personally, I couldn’t support either candidate in our last election but, how much of that was spoiled successfully by the Putin Play book?

The point is; Are we going to come together as Republicans, and Democrats combined or, as one under Vladimir Putin, and a Russian regime pulling the strings in Washington?  After all, Putin has found more willing play mates in the USA than he has in France.

This paves the way for a Vladimir Putin victory in the USA 2018 elections!