Punch ‘Em Out; Get ‘Em Outta Here

The Turkish autocracy has no respect for peaceful protests.  They have also not been reprimanded though, John McCain wants to throw the Ambassador out of the country.

Turkish President Recep Tayipp Erdogan  was at the Turkish Embassy in Washington, D.C. last week amidst a peaceful protest.  Erdogan sent some thugs out to physically accost the protesters, and turned a peaceful protest in to something it didn’t have to become.

And constitutionally, it’s not allowed to happen, in the United States.

Erdogan ‘stole’ an election in Turkey, turning it in to an autocracy at a rapid pace, and now on a fast track to become Turkey’s dictator.  It is where a lot of autocracies seem to end up.

The press in Turkey is getting the screws turned.  They better be careful on how this incident is brought forward as jail could be imminent with any opposition to the leadership.  Kind of like what Trump would like to do with the opposing media in contrast to Constitutional protections in the United States.

It could be that Trump considers that ‘piece of paper’ merely a piece of paper that can be cut up with a pair of scissors.  He hasn’t an inkling as to what is contained in the Constitution as he feels free to run rampant with his own rules even in contrast to the document that governs our country.

The way this Turkish scuffle was handled was counter to our rights as outlined in our Constitution.  The right to assembly, and the right to peacefully protest.

Kind of like several Trump campaign rallies.  In one of these pep-rallies, Trump asked the crowd where these people come from???

Where do these people come from?  Do I really have to answer that?

While there are two major political parties, there are several others, and Independents like me as well.

Trump was running to become President of all of us, and should have been cognizant of what is capable of happening at a politically charged pep rally.  It was up to him to take the high road but, without any surprise for me, he didn’t.

His handling of the opposing Americans at his pep-rallies was anything but, American.  He could have acknowledged them without the strong arm tactics so many ruthless autocrats, and dictators handle protests.

The protesters should have shown a little class as well by, maintaining a peaceful protest outside of the Trump pep-rallies.  It was not a reason for Trump to dip down in class as well.  He was running to become leader of the free world.  Trump’s example then, as well as now seems to be the attitude of someone taking ownership of yet, another property.  Not a leader of freedom.

Trump appears serious all the time to a fault.  He appears old, and grumpy without any happiness or joy in his life.  Seems as though it is an effort to keep up the persona of a tough guy with the usual seemingly purposeful frown.

Washington, he is learning, is not as simple as deal making.  At least not the kind of deal making he’s done in the past.

Trump has since said, “This is not as easy as it seems.”  No.  It isn’t easy.  He owes lots of apologies that will never be given. Tough guys don’t say they’re sorry.  Probably a sign of weakness.

It’s not a sign of weakness.  It’s a sign of a kid who’s never grown up.  Just a little kid who can’t get along with most of the adults in the room or, their kids.  A spoiled, coddled child.

Unfortunately, as Trump well knows, it takes a full grown man (or woman) who can diplomatically face his opponents.  

Any Erdogan like bumble brain can use a little paid for muscle.  Imagine, you can be a total idiot to hire muscle to quell an opponent’s voice.  The problem with that simplistic solution is; You may get a few for now but, they keep coming back in bigger numbers.

That’s why it takes merely an idiot to pay for muscle.