Trumpeters Orchestrating Cover-up?

We don’t know that for sure.  Not yet, anyway.  From appearances we might arrive at that conclusion.  These are appearances only.

The media has their stories, and their ‘spins’ on those stories.  The ‘spins’ are not ‘fake news.’  They are, as they’ve always been, the free American press expressing a wide variety of views.  We enjoy the freedom of press by Constitutional Law.

None of it is ‘fake news’ only opinion of the real news.  This is why I write with my own ‘spin’ based on the ‘spin’ I have received.

One of Donald Trump’s newest assertions being, “Maybe some of the media should be jailed.”  That might be how they do it in Russia.  Who knows where some of the press in the room last week might be right now.  Only the Russian press was allowed into the room.    

Trump took the opportunity of a Commencement speech to the Coast Guard to lament that “there has never been a politician in history who has been picked on  by the media” to the degree he has been abused.  This is all part of it.  

He may feel abused by the press but, I don’t think he is abused by the media. There’s just a lot of news being generated out of the Oval Office, and it will be reported by the American free press. 

There are several internal investigations that are now tainted with partisanship.

Most of us want the truth, and believe neither the Democrats or, Republicans can arrive at the truth if left to their own resources because they seem to be comprised of too many party loyalists.

More Americans distrust the government to handle any controversial investigation on their own.

I still trust the FBI is working diligently, and independently.

Personally, I want only the truth.  I don’t trust ‘bi-partisan’ internal committees to arrive at the truth.  Who’s hiding what?

We have a call to duty.  Putting America first.   A call to protect Constitutional Law.  How do we do that?  We need a politically untainted Independent investigation to arrive at the facts, and proceed appropriately.

There are House Members already calling for impeachment of President Trump, and we don’t even have all the facts, yet.

Hang tight because, the impeachment call at this point is as offensive as the resistance to an independent investigation. 

I’m not a Trump fan, and I remain without a political party affiliation. 

Trump campaigned on, “America First.”  Much to the chagrin of Republicans, it seems to be, “Donald Trump First.”

Addendum:  After writing this entry, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein has redeemed his reputation by appointing Special Counsel to continue the investigation citing public interest would best be served by an independent investigation.