Trump Has/Had The Legal Right

Trump has declared his right to distribute classified information though, on the campaign trail it was much different.  

Trump said (paraphrasing) we couldn’t afford to have someone in the Oval Office who did not have the highest regard for classified information. 

Trump pushes back with his legal right to distribute high security information.  He has already tweeted this right to do so.  Another self inflicted indictment.

Legal right?  Yes.

However, the President elected to share information that he morally had no right to share.  It was information supplied by, a principle in the information exchange between confidential partners.

The reason there is intelligence exchanging is to gain the greatest advantage in protection of your home country.  Sometimes they are allied, sometimes not but, in any case it is agreed not to share with anybody else unless the supplier of that information agrees.

There is an unspoken no share agreement to protect confidants.  

Sharing of this type of classified material can result in some intelligence denied to the United States in the future because, it usually involves deeply planted agents in delicate situations where shared information could reveal their identities.  This situation obviously puts this source of intelligence in jeopardy.

National Security Adviser H. R. McMaster attempted a clean-up, today.  He avoided any explanation but, “Wholly appropriate.”  McMaster carefully avoided the word, “classified” in his description of the incident.