Who’s Really In Charge?

Who is pulling the strings?  Tho are the puppets, and the puppeteers?

You might think Trump is his own man.  Go ahead and think so, if you’d like to think that is the absolute.  The truth on that matter has ‘nyet’ to be revealed.  

Personally, I think the President’s strings are being pulled by, the representatives opting in for the photo-op last week where the U. S. press was uninvited in favor of the Russian press.

The President was confident  that by allowing only the Russian press to attend, he could avoid his fear of “fake” news by the “enemy” Americans. 

This “fake” President is right in line with the strategic behavior outlined in a previous Russian Intelligence document using “fake news” as a premise to engage, maintain, and expand a core support base.  

Trump did not originate “fake news,”  He is merely operating on information provided by, Russian Intelligence.

“Fake news” is nothing more than covering up any information except information deemed “true,” and “favorable.”

Who else is pulling strings?  Who else believes in partisanship above Constitutional Law?  Who else?  

There could easily be some Democrats guilty of this “crime” against the very principles of the lawful foundation of the United States but, right now it just so happens we have a President with a questionable character, questionable business dealings who happens to be a Republican.  In that case, it becomes necessary to name the team players, the team puppeteers controlling the puppets.

Congratulations to Senator Mitch McConnell for pulling the strings in the Senate who is leading the battle cry, “We’re just here to insure (Democrats) they don’t succeed.”

It is, us vs. them.  Democrats vs. Republicans.  Really?  Honestly?  I thought we were suppose to discover how we could all succeed together! 

The American public no longer trusts the long trusted institutions of government because of the puppeteers running today’s puppets.

It is time for a Special/Independent Prosecutor to clear up every question about this President, and his election team.  We need to be clear of this situation to move forward with infrastructure, taxes, and health care.

However, it might be politically unfavorable to employ an Independent investigation because our ‘team’ has to win above all else.

‘Our team?’  ‘Our team,’ above all should be our Constitutional Democracy.  Unfortunately that is not even being given a thought while righteousness is more in line with Mitch McConnell, and other Republicans without a backbone championing their own cause of an internal investigation over a Special Prosecutor.

There are several polls showing the public overwhelmingly desires a Special Prosecutor.