Cowards of Congress To Return Soon

The Presidency is tainted, and so are the Halls of Congress.  The Halls of Congress tainted by, the people coming to work as stuck like glue to either major party no matter what they might do to dismantle our Constitutional Democracy.

The general public walks a sidewalk with President Trump to the tune of 38% absolutely dedicated to Trump, and consider the Russian investigation as simply a distraction.  

The Trump base believes the sun rises, and sets not with him but, because of him, and who can find fault with a sunrise or, sunset?

Their regard for the man goes beyond any reason.  Present any of them with fact, and they will look for guidance from Trump on how they must think of it.

I can tell them they are correct.  You can’t argue with the natural order of a sunrise, and sunset. 

Congressional Representatives are all suppose to be representing our Constitutional Democracy, and they are more loyal to a political party.  They are more loyal to a President attempting a conversion to an autocracy.  They are afraid of Trump.

The President of our democracy continues to act as the owner giving him the title President, and Chief Executive Officer.  In the corporate world, he makes the final decision.  Much like a leader of a dictatorship in government. 

This is by design, everything, and anything but, a dictatorship.  It is a Constitutional Democracy.  It is something that President Trump wants nothing to do with, and would rather go back to NYC, and hide out.

Is it possible the Cowards of Congress are ready to accept the unfurling autocracy?

Many of his die-hard supporters  are expected to die easy under an autocracy which historically, often becomes a dictatorship.

At that point, the sun may reach artificial points everyday because the EPA, representing what science meant to Trump no longer exists.