Comey Gets Too Close For Comfort

Did former FBI leader James Comey get a little too close with Russia-Gate?

President Nixon fired officials.  They were involved in an investigation of the President of the United States.  Nixon, however never fired the Director of the FBI.

Nixon finally resigned before he could be impeached from office due to Watergate.

There is still a group of people forming a Donald Trump core base.  They love Donald Trump.  Nothing he does impedes their dedication.  They support him with love, and Trump will go out on the campaign trail to prove it.  Places like Harrisburg, PA.

The Trump team wants to know when this “Russia Thing” all goes away.  It doesn’t.  

They claim, “old news.”  Keep repeating, “fake news” and/or “old news.”  It is a tool that can be used to permeate Trump’s core base with confidence because, they do believe, and repeat after me.  Old news, Fake News……

It’s old, continuing, and not going away until a conclusion is reached to insure, and protect the United States Constitutional Democracy.

The Trump action of firing the FBI Director who was running an open investigation on the Russian interference in the U.S. elections, and the possible relationship with the President, and his team.

It appears that the timing of this firing, and the reasons given is a farce.  It clouds the air with suspicion.

If there’s nothing to hide, why not cooperate, and finally put it behind all of us?

The official reasons given for the firing of Comey is his handling of the Clinton investigation during the election which Trump praised, and applauded more than once during the campaign.

Remember the core Trump base will not believe any evidence that would incriminate the Trump Organization.  There can be no wrong doing as he sold himself well.

There is the secondary base of Republicans who will remain loyal by falling in line.  They proclaim allegiance to our Constitutional Democracy but, working hard to support the Trump Family autocracy.

Today, the Trump family is doing very well since the election.  Patents, visas, and business contracts ring out on the register.  

You, and I pay for those overseas business trips.