FCC To Consider What Congress Can’t

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Sound familiar?  I hope so because if it doesn’t strike up some familiarity I would suggest at least studying the document that governs us all as Americans.

A directive from the Trump administration skips any legislative body, and goes directly to the agency governing media.

The directive will ask the Federal Communications Commission to look in to the crudity of Stephen Colbert’s remarks on his television show directed at President Trump.  Colbert has since said, “He might choose other terms if repeating the joke but, has no reservations of a joke that ends up in the same place.”

This is what an autocracy does.  Reach out beyond that which we know as law, such as the Constitution.  That’s where it begins.

So, be careful of your independent thoughts expressed if they do not wholly express allegiance to the ‘family’ heading up the autocracy.

All of us will conform.  Freedom, officially erradicated.

Trump supports Trump, and it goes no further.  The rest is camouflage. 

It is amazing that, right here, in the United States, we allow a proponent of an Autocracy to thrive personally on a daily basis with legislation benefiting Donald Trump.

We continue to allow a television reality show host to host our country at its’ highest level.

Have the foolish had enough of being fooled?

Historically, an autocracy has has started under the mask of a free society just as it is now.

Some of the tricks historically employed in the process include an irresistible popular personality.  This personality begins by proclaiming ultimate allegiance to freedoms guaranteed up to that time.

However, the first order of business from Vladimir Putin, and his country’s intelligence community is to drop “fake news” via social media.”  No, Donald Trump didn’t coin the popular phrase, “fake News.”  Trump took it directly from one document he might have read.

Homework continues for Trump from study guides outlining a path to autocracy.

The transition from a Constitutional Democracy is a well intentioned campaign to corral the public in to a circle of distrust.  

The first area of distrust is campaigning the public’s distrust for news media.  In doing so, only the ruler of an autocracy can tell you what news to rely on.

This is happening right now as you read this because when, Donald Trump says something is “fake news” it is repeated as “fake news” without further investigation by his followers.  

You will be told which news network may be watched in any federal government office, and that is currently FOX.  How soon do you think it is when the Constitution is no longer being adhered to, that the remainder of the population is allowed one news source at the discretion of the one person heading an autocracy.

What else is on the agenda?  Allow for church, and state to eventually be….one.

The first step toward that eventuality is to allow religious groups to gain equality in the affairs of state by allowing them the ability to campaign as an organization.

They may then recruit candidates on religious doctrine alone, allowing for more candidates subscribing to one doctrine or another to represent the entire population on religious doctrine alone. 

Now you understand.  The public didn’t even realize how many times they were being corralled until the corral became one small corral, and the country had become a dictatorship.

Imagine all the fake news but then, it won’t matter because that will be the news.

Your opinion?  Well, that better be your opinion or, be arrested for treason to the man or, woman running the dictatorship.

At the direction of the Trump team, the FCC will now review Stephen Colbert’s performance, and not because of crude remarks.  False.  

Trump has figured it out with his limited knowledge of Civics.  Can’t go to Congress so,  just have an agency of the United States do the dirty work to abridge free speech.

It is because Donald Trump’s feelings were hurt.  They will tell you it has everything to do with the chosen language that Colbert has since admitted may have been ill chosen but, really Colbert get under the thin skin of this ‘President.’