If I Win The Lottery

No. Not if I win, it’s when I win the lottery.  Don’t laugh.  Why not?  Somebody has to win, sometime.

Most Republicans would caution me about a number of tax obligations, and other legalities after coming in to a lottery jackpot.  First visit is to an attorney.

No, I don’t think so.  Not everything in life requires a calculator, and a ledger sheet.

Being part of humanity, my first inclination would be, who can I share this with?

After friends, and family I’ve got a couple of favorite charities.  And I would probably start a charitable trust for people who cannot afford health insurance.

It will not even make a dent in the problem the Republicans are going to create with their new health insurance bill.  This bill has been read by, only a few voting members of Congress as the final version was only available to them as of 8pm – ET last night.

As it is at this moment, there is a provision in the bill exempting members of Congress from the pre-existing conditions provision.  Why would they do that if, this is a great health care bill for everybody else?

Most states will look at their ledgers, and opt out of pre-existing conditions pools.  

They need a legislative win so, putting politics above all, including millions excluded from insurance for one reason or, another they are expected to pass the bill without being scored by the Congressional Budget Office.

Why wouldn’t they want the CBO score?  They would rather not know, and certainly don’t want the public knowing that score.  

Do you realize once diagnosed with an illness or a long term or, lifetime condition, the insurance company can refer to this as a pre-existing condition when it’s time to re-up at the end of the policy term.

Coal miners who have lung problems will have a pre-existing condition.

Don’t be the least concerned until you develop a pre-existing condition.

The new health care bill will knock millions off their policies, and if they want health insurance, it will be impossible because their home state opted out or, the premium will be higher than rent or, a mortgage payment. 

But, most important, President Trump will have a win at the expense of millions of Americans.

At the end of the day, I hope I’m wrong about the health care bill.  I’d really like to see this as a success.

As for winning the lottery, my first thought is to share with friends, family, and favorite charities.  Don’t worry, I’ll still have plenty.