Please! Everybody Love Me

Come on!  This has never been done in my lifetime.  

A sitting President does not go out on the campaign trail, and does not buy tv ads. Only this one.  

The selling is over!  He won.  He’s spending money for tv ads, and spending time on the campaign trail.  PAC ads are filtering through feeling the need to sell merchandise which is already sold.

Why do they feel it is necessary to sell Donald Trump to the public?  Why put all this money forward to sell the winner of the Presidency?

Trump has a need to be loved, and he goes only where he’s loved.

I am an Independent that will never support this President.   He only cares about Donald Trump.

Am I going to have to go through 4 years of tv ads on this President?  By then, I’ll be so saturated with this garbage, I’ll vote for any other legitimate candidate.

Trump continues with disrespect for our system of government outlined in the U.S. Constitution.  

He doesn’t like the checks, and balances set up by the founding fathers.  Instead, Trump complains in an interview on CBS News that our system of government is “archaic,” and needs re-vamping.

Donald Trump doesn’t like checks, and balances.  He prefers ramming legislation through without checks, and balances.  Answerable to no one. That is the simplicity with which he governs his private companies.  And there is where he has that right.

He does not have the right to change the rules of the U.S. Government without consensus unless of course, he becomes the leader of an autocracy, which eventually scraps the Constitutional Democracy.