Correspondents Dinner; Harrisburg

What if they gave a White House Correspondents Dinner, and nobody shows?

Nobody showed from the White House.  Lots of humor there, making fun of the President.

It has been a long time since a President has skipped on the dinner.  They’ve all enjoyed the humor all brought about on their behalf.  And America enjoyed while appreciating each of those Presidents being in attendance taking it all in, and shaking it off.

When was the last time a President missed this event?  Ronald Reagan.  Not because he took on the press as an enemy.  He had just been through an assassination attempt but, phoned in.  Even though he was recovering, Reagan still wanted to make an appearance so, he phoned in his appearance.

Our already elected President would be roasted at this dinner, and he could not take anything less than adoration.  Even in fun, and from a group of people who all bring ‘fake news.’  In Trump’s view, the American press;  An enemy to the United States.

So why, if he might cry from hurt feelings, should he make an appearance?  

Why, indeed?  The already elected President would rather go out on the campaign trail, again.  Be surrounded by those with an allegiance to him secured by the strongest adhesive on earth.  People who will tell him how wonderful he is, cheer at his every word, and demonstrate their love for him.

Rather than keeping with tradition, and standing amidst the people who stand for the 1st Amendment of our Constitution, Trump coincidentally organizes a campaign rally in Harrisburg with a safe, adoring constituency in attendance.

Besides all of this, Trump called the Correspondents Dinner very boring. Interesting he was able to come to the conclusion that the Correspondents Dinner was “very, very boring.”  How does he know since, he wasn’t there?

I saw some clips.  One comedian was looking for Steve Bannon.  “Not see him” he said, and continued.  “Not see Bannon……not – see – Bannon.”

None of the Trump people were there to see, and hear a very serious salute to America’s First Amendment.  It seems Trump is in favor of the First Amendment to the Constitution as long as the Press supports him.  Otherwise they perpetuate “Fake News” as an enemy to the American people.

Trump went to a very, very boring Autocracy Support Rally in Harrisburg, PA. where chicken might have been a menu option (heard on MSNBC).  

Does this mean every time the President feels unloved, he will retreat?  That’s unknown but, what if he does, and what if he’s needed?

Maybe riding on the wave of money left for him by, his father did not allow for Trump to grow up.