Flynn Is Really Obama’s Fault

Sean Spicer had it as straight as it can be told by, Sean Spicer.  

“You want security vetting info. on Michael Flynn.  Flynn worked for Obama first so, ask them.”  

The press attempted to teach but, with all that muscle, and power, the Trump Press Secretary kept moving things forward.

Wellll….okay Sean but, you once again have not done due diligence.  

As the amateur hour continues on Capitol Hill with a cast of too many, I thought you’d like to know that Michael Flynn’a Security Clearance was revoked  in 2014.  It was a ‘forced voluntary retirement.’

“Yeah, well, really?  I’ll look it up, and I’ll get back to you.”  Sean Spicer thought to himself, “I don’t have to get back to them.  They have to come to me.” 

Sean Spicer moves on just because he can.