Is The U.S.A. Going Out Of Business?

It isn’t a money problem.  It’s all politics.

The House Oversight Committee has asked the White House for documents from the Trump administration on Michael Flynn.

The response from the White House was; No thank you.

This is troubling because, what I continue to see is, a continual allegiance to party politics above all.  

My own Senator follows suit in his response to an inquiry from me; His only pointed remark on Russian improprieties was the Russians hacking in to the DNC files with notes on Donald Trump.

Could easily be true, and I am concerned with that but, that was not the only Russian hack.  Therein lies our problem with our allegiance, and it continues.

Very few of us are willing to give up party allegiance, even in the event our Constitutional Democracy is flushed down the toilet.  Even my own Senator is only willing to point out the hack of the DNC.

The meddling of Russia in our last election involves multiple hacks, and many insiders willing to play ball.

It was even Russian intelligence that revealed in a Russian Intelligence Document that coined ‘fake news’ as a way of infiltration through social media.  That is the origin of ‘fake news.’

Russia must be extremely pleased that we have joined them in pointing out USA mainstream media ‘fake news.’  There was a time we thought individually, arriving at our own opinion of the news without pointing out those in the industry with extreme, vulgar terminology.  

We used to take pride in the vastness of our news from left to right.  Now we want it our way or. not at all.  Otherwise, it is ‘fake news’ just as Russia is hoping we will see.  

Now, the American people are being denied access to Michael Flynn’s vetting process, and records of his contacts.  All in the name of dedication to being Republican.

Why is Donald Trump rejecting full disclosure?  What might he personally be hiding?

If you don’t care because you are a dedicated Republican, it is your right to do so but,  it is only your right until there is a merger or, acquisition due to dedicated partisanship which will no longer be relevant, anyway.

We must demand Republicans, and Democrats must be forthcoming with all Russian involvement in running our government before it is no longer our government. 

Our Constitutional Democracy is easily so much more important than any collective of people trying to undermine this democracy.