Rachel Gets So Much From So Little

I will just allow this story to unfold in front of you. 

We have no question in our minds that President Trump is honest, and thoughtful of his leadership in this Constitutional Democracy; Non-narcissistic, etc, etc.  That being a given view for many who, refuse to look at reality beyond partisanship, I ask that you not follow up on this story.  Stop here.

If you don’t stop here, some of you will once again be reduced to juvenile, immature words of hate for every possible human being you can hate, having absolutely nothing to do with this story.  I know beause I have seen your responses on You Tube, Twitter, Facebook, and all across social media.

You added nothing to my knowledge of any story at hand.  So glad I didn’t respond because if I had, I too would have gotten closer to your level in the gutter.

I have no hate for you.  I feel pity for you, that’s all.  

Don’t be the least concerned as you have a right in this Democracy to overlook anything you’d like but, you may soon have to face a new reality as a consequence.  

While I have my own concerns, and beliefs, you will not however, find me being rude to you, insulting or, bigoted toward your background because you may not share my beliefs. 

We may disagree but, juvenile name calling will not emanate from my direction nor will I provide an internet platform for pointless remarks having nothing to do with the point at hand.  

 I am older than 10,  and come from a background of respect for all. 

If you have remained here for Rachel Maddow’s story, and remarks, you are invited to review the story for yourselves.  The video really doesn’t get to the point of this particular issue right away.  

The Arkansas executions were a premise to this specific story, and after listening to all of it, you’ll get the connection.