Presidential Self Enrichment

Presidential self enrichment is a characteristic of an autocracy.  Not a Constitutional Democracy as we supposedly have in the United States.

President Trump is moving forward with an autocracy as his children run his businesses, and he continues to enrich himself.  There is no ‘blind’ trust.  There is a trust but, he can see it, and create legislation appropriate for his enrichment.

I don’t care what party you belong to but, all of us as Americans need to be aware of any one person running an autocracy in this country. An autocracy can turn in to a dictatorship.

As an Independent, most of the Republicans seem to focus on their partisanship, and in doing so trying to drive Independents to the strongest opponent possible to fight this mess in Washington. 

Give up being an Independent?  Maybe so.  Maybe I’ve got to become a Democrat to help fight this runaway vehicle that is so bent on partisanship as Republicans before anything else.  Before being an American.

Ask Mitch McConnell, and at the same time ask Chuck Schumer.  

There’s the stopper.  The extremists in both parties prevent me from making a move.  

Both parties may possibly tolerate an autocracy in the name of their own party survival.

Neither party is as important as our Constitutional Democracy.  In the name of America, for which it stands, don’t you think we need to be Americans first, before anything else?

Don’t you think we all need to rise up together to disallow the making of an autocracy before we are no longer allowed to rise up for or, against anything?  Before there’s not only a wall on the Mexican border but, our Atlantic, and Northern borders?  Our Pacific border?

Aren’t you the least bit concerned?

In case you missed it, I offer one possible look in to the future.