Donald Trump extends hearty congratulations to the President of Turkey!

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan did win a questionable election that deletes Parliamentary, and Judicial balances.  

The personal telephone congratulatory offering was for everything considered by Americans as un-American.

The President of Turkey just took over the country as a dictator, through a possibly crooked election.

Possibly crooked?  Possibly?  Who just votes away their rights?  Nobody I know.  These people are not stupid.

They assume the President wanted to make it look legit.  He held an election with results pre-determined but, it was suppose to look good as a fair, and free election.

Who congratulates the apparent new dictator?   The so-called leader of the ‘free world.’

The brilliance continues.

I’m not so sure President Trump is so concerned with being the leader of the free world.  It wouldn’t be a surprise if he attempts a coup at home.

Never happen???  Don’t kid yourselves.

It begins with a Trump Autocracy

Be very careful.    Stay aware.