Who’s Who On Who

Last Saturday night was the Season 10 premier of Dr. Who.

We got to meet up with Bill (well played by, Pearl Mackie) who is mentored by her university professor who just happens to be Peter Capaldi as  The Doctor.

A series of situations places Bill within the TARDIS with the Doctor, and an introduction to Nardole. a character from a couple of Christmas specials.  Matt Lucas does well in this role as a man friend, and caterer to The Doctor.

The question becomes whether this is a permanent traveling trio or, is Matt Lucas here for only another moment in time, leaving Bill, and the Doctor on their own?

The Premier played to a much smaller audience on BBC-America than the last season premier but, could it be that taking much more than an extra moment in time for a delayed season 10 that everybody would still be hanging out?

Only Inner Whovians.  Those on the Who fringe probably just didn’t consider the wait for this event that important.

BBC-America had a full slate of the Doctor on tap for the night.  

Peter Capaldi made appearances all evening long.  

He confirmed his exit from his role as The Doctor with the conclusion of the current Season 10 of Doctor Who on the Graham Norton Show.  He confirmed shooting his demise as the Doctor but, not whether there is a regeneration, and a continuation of The Doctor.

Purists realize the story limits the number of regenerations the Doctor has but, there are caveats……

Capaldi did not give away the end result.

There was more to BBC-America that night.  The premier of a brand new show; Class.  Same sci-fi genre as Doctor Who, featuring The Doctor.

Interesting concept on a HS campus.  Some humans are not humans.  Some are beings, each from 2 factions of another planet.

The story line has the Doctor called to help with peace so the humans are not caught in between the 2 warring factions from another planet.

There is a dilemma.  How to get rid of the evil when the evil now shares a heart with a human.  Kill the bad guy, kill the innocent heart sharing human.

More Class with the Doctor?  Most probably without, and there’s only one Doctor.