The Right To Not Protest

One of the rights afforded the entire United States population by the Founding Fathers is the right to peaceful protest.

The U.S.A. now has a President who wants to directly infringe on that right.  

Many appeared in multiple peaceful protests across the country protesting President Trump’s refusal to exhibit his taxes.

Presidents of recent history have exhibited their tax return as a matter of course.

This President is asking for an investigation of those responsible for protesting his refusal to show his tax return.

The only reason I can think of is; There is something to hide that the American people are not going to like.

To be fair, there is no law that compels Trump to show his tax return but, as President, why not?

I suppose he could show off a ‘fake’ filled out form, and be done with it but, not any more.  The trust I have in this President is nowhere to be found.  I can’t trust him.

He made a promise to be totally transparent but, he is not trust worthy, and there’s no follow through on that promise.

Getting back to the point.  The right to peaceful protest is on the line as the President wants an investigation in to those who do not adore him.  The egotist’s ego has been hurt.

When an egotist’s ego has been hurt, and he leads a country, it is cause to claim ownership of the country.  Why not?  Vladimir Putin owns his country, and he doesn’t even need to launch a ‘real’ investigation.  He does it better than Trump. 

Not to worry, Trump has tax dollars to launch the investigation.  

As President, where does he find time for Twitter which by the way is not proof of transparency?  It seems to be the place where he issues an egotist’s brand of ‘fake’ news.

Once again, I am proud of my partisanship which is neither Republican or, Democrat.  It is first, American!