America: Pillar of Freedom

We are about to totally abandon our position in the ‘free’ world.

Didn’t you notice as it began during the presidential campaign prior to the last election?  “Get him outta here.!”  Trump’s usual response to any one protesting his message.  Whether you agree with Trump or, not he was setting the stage.  No freedom of expression allowed.

Trump was saying, you’ll adore me or, we’ll find a way out for you.  It is what he is doing, today as President.

Under the guise of throwing out illegals, Trump is using a white supremacist White House team including Bannon, and Sessions to break up families.  The targets:  People of color, and Latinos.  Don’t forget ‘whites’ who speak as I write.

Not just breaking up families but, splitting parents from their children who are American citizens.

There hasn’t been a President since Kennedy bringing family members in to the top security positions in the United States.  In fact, it is supposedly dis-allowed to help preserve the Democracy. 

It was agreed in 1967; No more nepotism at this level.  In 1978 a law was put in to place easing the 1967 stronghold.

The White House currently has highly inexperienced people in the family populating high security positions in the Executive Branch.

Trump is trying to run things as a CEO with a group, hand-picked with an allegiance to the President which might be expected if not for superseding an allegiance to the country, and the Constitution.

We say it’s not too late because we have mid-term elections in 2018.  What if that’s not the case?  What if there are no mid-terms?  What if partisanship no longer has a meaning?

Is Trump the first President to declare himself President until further notice?  Dictatorship under a premise of a permanent Presidency?  What if, this is where Trump is playing all of us with no meaning to partisanship as we know it, today?

The whole balance of this country based on one man’s ego?  I.E.  North Korea, Russia.

What is the next step?  Is there a ploy being executed by, the Trump Presidency declaring the United States an acquisition to the Trump empire where Donald Trump’s business expertise is used to drag the U.S.A. in to bankruptcy just to put business bankruptcy number 5 to his credit?  

That’s when you put money in places where it works out on a personal basis under the current system.  It’s where you don’t have to hide anything under a dictatorship….you just kind of take it back however you choose to take it back.