Blowing Smoke

Tweet to President Obama, 2013……..Do not attack Syria.  You must get Congressional approval.  While not word for word, this was the content of tweets form Donald Trump.  Now, President Donald Trump.

They are presenting for the first time, an emotional President who acts on emotion.  Could it be this bombing works well as another distraction from Russia-Gate?  Another story to distract your attention.  

The Syrian attack seems to have been a photo-op.  Seems like everything was well coordinated between all interested parties.  

Russian, and Syrian officials in on the deal?   Everybody knew?  The attack being extremely light without real consequences as the airport ‘bombed’ is up, and operational as if nothing has occurred.

Sorry, Trump’s sincerity was just not coming across.  His concern for the children there seemed just like Trump.  ‘You won’t be coming here at any cost,  and this shouldn’t happen to you.’  Don’t forget to throw in the ‘Almighty’ as  guardian of these children.  It sounds good.  

If you are watching the current administration closely they, are throwing out stories, left, and right to deflect from their alleged collusion with Russian involvement in bringing down our democracy.

They’re even willing to throw bombs in Syria, portraying an uncharacteristic emotional Donald Trump.  Emotional?  Really?  When did that start?  Trump is rough, and tough bent on firing people.  “You’re fired!”

Well, it seems to be working.  We’re getting close to anything but, America first.

Look what this administration has done for our democracy.  They’ve allowed our Internet Service Providers free rein to look at our data, and sell it off to third parties without your consent.

This administration has asked Twitter to give the government identification of  someone behind a tweet opposing this administration’s policies.  

Your rights as given under the constitution may be beginning to erode until you have no rights left.  Is Russia-Gate closer to reality for America?  Is puppeteer Putin the puppeteer over the American government?  I hope not.

Is Putin responsible for Mitch McConnell invoking anti-American activities in the Senate so prior to the mid-term elections this could be Republicans first, America second or third or, whatever.

To be fair, the nuclear move in the Senate was originally initiated by, Harry Reid for a lower court appointment.  Reid can take credit for this move which impedes our democracy. 

Mitch McConnell is married to partisanship, and seems to be a leader of anti-democracy activities in favor of partisan activities possibly orchestrating his way to the position as this country’s first dictator under the Republican flag.  Can you imagine?  A Republican Dictatorship.

Anybody married to partisanship on either side of the line is not capable of putting America first.  I would point out Harry Reid, and Mitch McConnell as just two of those putting partisanship ahead of country. 

Whether Democrat or, Republican, you must be seeing unfair rule changes executed in the Senate, and unfair Executive Orders issued that could be construed as anti-American, anti-democracy.  

It’s no longer Republicans vs. Democrats, it is not merely sneaking through a Supreme Court Justice.  If we’re still a democracy this could blow up in the faces of Republicans.

The Supreme Court will forever be stacked with partisan judges with the Senate’s anti-democracy ‘nuclear’ motion eliminating any minority party from participation initiated by, Mitch McConnell.

This is a short term fix for Mitch, and his friends, including my home state legislator.  You see, should this ‘democracy’ prevail, it is possible the Democrats get control of the Senate once more.   

Using Mitch McConnell as an example, the Dems may push the minority party out of the legislative process by, changing the rules to accommodate themselves.  

McConnell would go down in American history as the leader of the party that began an exit from democracy.

McConnell, and friends may already be planning a chemical attack on his own country.  Trump is leading the way by issuing an Executive Order to give Andy (CEO, DOW Chemical) free reign to use any pesticides at will along the American landscape.  

Andy at DOW got the pen that I helped pay for that Trump used to sign the order to assist in killing off some of the American population.

If Donald Trump or, anyone associated with his campaign are found guilty of a crime, does any appointment or, legislation initiated by, him or, his party and/or, signed  by, him or, anyone on his staff become eligible for repeal?

So far, this has been everything except; America first!