We Are Fake On Twitter

Why have Committees in the Senate or House?  They’re not needed.

Why?  The public pasted to the left or right, can’t be moved.  The partisan loyalists are convinced everything they’ve heard supporting them, is a fact.  Much of it from mainstream ‘news’ sources like MSNBC, CNN, and FOX. 

We don’t know.  We can assume, presume, and speculate but, we don’t know.  Much information comes as a result of bipartisan committees in Congress.  

We will know about Trump’s alleged relationship with Russia when those investigations conclude, and information is released to the public.  Same goes for the alleged surveillance of Trump by, the Obama administration.

You don’t have to go mainstream to watch ‘fake’ news.  We present this entire dialogue of ‘fake news’ on Twitter courtesy of…..us.

First, we pledge allegiance to our partisan choice; Not to the United States of America. 

By the way, speaking of privacy rights, the White House or, someone representing the White House has asked Twitter for details of a user who opposed Trump.

Now, we are imposing upon the privacy rights of a common citizen, and the constitutional right to privacy.  

The Trumpsters have already imposed a new law allowing your Internet Service Provider to look in, and sell your data for advertising.  

What I question is, the government wanting to know details of those opposing them which by the way was the intent of right to privacy in the Constitution.  

In the USA opposition is not only allowed but, encouraged.  That’s the freedom we enjoy without repercussion from the government.

I hope every President, Democrat and, Republican is successful because, if they are, we are successful as a nation.

So, even if you don’t support the Republican agenda, pray, meditate or do whatever you do, asking for their success.