Buster to Danger

Kids can’t get along so, they change the rules to accommodate.  That’s what kids do but, they do it in an innocent manner until everybody is willing to participate.  One may not be on board, and as kids, the group ‘unknowingly’ considers the single not on board as important as the group.

So, the kids continue to negotiate until everybody’s agreeable.

The game continues, and the kids are happy.

In Washington, our elected officials do better as adults who consider themselves as the most important being walking the planet.  What constituents?; Now it’s personal!

We consider them acting like children but, maybe sometimes, children accuse their colleagues as acting like adults.  Especially the adults elected to public office.

The so-called adults elected to office will represent themselves putting the American people in their rear view mirror.

A group of them will follow the rules with a filibuster on Supreme Court Justice nominee, Gorsuch.  Another group more plentiful in numbers will simply change the rules to confirm the new nominee.

Filibuster is a legal maneuver to protect our justice system from becoming partisan but, changing the rules allows for a partisan court with justices approved upon partisan will. 

So Mitch McConnell could actually enhance a successful Russian attempt to disrupt this democracy possibly for the length of all time.